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LTD Device Infrastructure Development Engineer

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  • You must have a bachelor's degree in Engineering or Scientific field with experience in semiconductor material, device characterization, IC design, and CMOS devices. Strong data analysis skills in UNIX, statistics, and programming are essential.
  • You will develop algorithms, perform large scale experimentation, build data-driven apps, and develop solutions to solve business problems using coding. Organize and interpret data insights, drive AI/ML development, and collaborate with teams for successful implementation.

Graduate Job

Software EngineeringHillsboro


  • The Logic Technology Development (LTD) team works in one of the most advanced semiconductor cleanroom facilities in the world. In this position, you will design, execute, and analyze experiments necessary to meet engineering specifications for LTD’s semiconductor manufacturing process.


  • The experience listed below may be obtained through schoolwork, classes and project work, internships, military training, and/or work experience.
  • You must possess a bachelor’s degree in an Engineering or Scientific field.
  • Data analysis techniques using with UNIX, statistics (SAS, JMP) and software programming in high-level software scripting languages (Python, SQL, Visual Basic, JSL script, Shell, TCL, Perl, and others).
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • 3+ months of experience with:
  • Semiconductor material, device and characterization
  • Integrated Circuit design and layout using state of art Computer-Aided Design tools.
  • Knowledge of Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) devices and VLSI electronics and experience and/or familiarity with physical circuit mask design layout/verification and Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools.

Education requirements


Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Develops algorithms and applications, performs large scale experimentation, builds data driven apps to translate data into intelligence, and develops solutions for solving business problems using coding.
  • Incorporates predictive modeling, statistics and other analysis techniques for collecting, exploring, interpreting and extracting insights from structured and unstructured data.
  • Organizes, interprets and structures insights from data, detects data anomalies and makes corrections.
  • Performs descriptive statistical analysis, develops visualizations, applications, dashboards, or presentations and communicates insights in a clear and effective way to help the organization with better decision making.
  • Supports troubleshooting service offerings using proprietary analytical platforms, commercial tools and custom scripts.
  • Drives the design, development and optimization of artificial intelligence/machine learning, deep learning training and inference frameworks, contributes to the research and development of data science activities and supports product development efforts as required.
  • Develops and programs methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze diverse big data sources, establishing standard methodologies for data science including modeling, coding, analytics, and experimentation.
  • Explores, compiles, and collects data from new or known sources, sometimes in partnership with technical staff/engineers to derive useful insights and/or make predictions.
  • Works with development teams and business units to ensure models are scalable and can be implemented as part of the delivered solution across clients.
  • Additional Responsibilities:
  • Development and use of software such as Python, SQL, Visual Basic, C+/C++, JMP, JSL script that automate electrical and physical data analysis for the device characterization to facilitate the device targeting and technology development.
  • Electrical measurement, validation, and debug of new Test Chip silicon.
  • Collaborating with process modules, process integration, reliability, circuit design, and electrical test equipment groups to understand and define requirements for new state of art Test Chips and to develop test methodologies.


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Full time

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