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Manager of Technical Staff, Search



23d ago

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    Junior & Mid Level
  • Software Engineering
  • Toronto, +1
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AI generated summary

  • You must lead technical teams, train representation models, work with search techniques, Transformers, and have strong communication skills. Bonus: C++/Golang proficiency, large-scale GPU training experience.
  • You will partner with teams to define project requirements, collaborate cross-functionally, design and improve search models, optimize data pipelines, ensure fast and stable inference, engage in research collaborations, and shape what we build with a strong ownership mindset.


  • Lead and managed teams of highly technical engineers and researchers. Proficiency in Python and related ML frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, TF-Serving, JAX, and XLA/MLIR.
  • Experience training representation models, or using text embeddings in downstream tasks.
  • Familiarity with various information retrieval techniques, such as lexical search and dense vector search.
  • Familiarity with autoregressive sequence models, such as Transformers.
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Bonus points for:
  • Proficiency in other programming languages, such as C++ or Golang.
  • Experience using large-scale distributed training strategies with GPUs.


  • Partner with our Product and Leadership teams, defining project requirements, timelines, and deliverables.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with our platform, biz, sales, and marketing teams.
  • Design, train and improve upon cutting-edge search models.
  • Gather high-quality retrieval datasets and optimize data pipelines for model training and evaluation.
  • Work closely with model serving team to ensure that inference is fast and stable.
  • Engage in research collaborations with our partner organizations and academic affiliations and publish your work in top-tier conferences and journals.
  • Join us at a pivotal moment, shape what we build, have a strong ownership mindset, and wear multiple hats!


What is the main responsibility of a Manager of Technical Staff, Search?

The main responsibility of a Manager of Technical Staff, Search is to lead and manage teams of highly technical engineers and researchers, collaborate with cross-functional teams, design and improve search models, optimize data pipelines for model training, and ensure efficient model serving.

What qualifications are needed to be successful in this role?

To be successful in this role, candidates should have experience in information retrieval, proficiency in Python and ML frameworks such as PyTorch and Tensorflow, experience with representation models and text embeddings, familiarity with information retrieval techniques and autoregressive sequence models, strong communication and problem-solving skills, and the ability to lead and manage technical teams.

What are some of the bonus qualifications that would be advantageous for this role?

Some bonus qualifications that would be advantageous for this role include proficiency in other programming languages such as C++ or Golang, experience with large-scale distributed training strategies using GPUs, and a strong background in search technologies.

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