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New Graduate Software Engineer - Palo Alto



17d ago

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    Entry Level / Graduate
  • Software Engineering
  • Palo Alto

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  • You need a Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering. Any internship, co-op, or summer work experience is a bonus. Join us in Palo Alto at Jerry as a New Graduate Software Engineer!
  • You will be joining Jerry's engineering team as a new graduate, working with our tech stack including AWS, React, NodeJS, Python, and more. Expect rapid learning, ownership, and growth opportunities as we scale our technology to reach 50M users.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering
  • Any internship, co-op, or summer work experience is an asset


  • We are looking for new graduates in the Toronto area to join our engineering team! We are in growth mode and have aggressive goals to scale our technology and our business in the next few years as we go from 5M to 50M users. We don't require any specific work experience but we are looking for the following characteristics: passion for learning, hustle, and ownership. The pace of learning at a startup like Jerry is unbeatable. You can expect your scope of responsibilities to grow quickly if you excel in your role and demonstrate a willingness to keep learning and growing. If you’re looking for an opportunity to accelerate your career, we are hiring across multiple engineering teams!
  • Our tech stack:
  • Hosting infra: AWS
  • React for web frontend
  • NodeJS + Typescript for backend development
  • React (mobile app is written in React Native)
  • Redis, Postgres, DynamoDB for backend storage
  • Python for data pipeline and ML
  • Clickhouse for data warehouse
  • Python + Go for infrastructure as code and continuous integration


What is the primary focus of the AI-powered AllCar™ app being developed by Jerry?

The primary focus of the AI-powered AllCar™ app is to redefine car ownership by simplifying and automating every step, making car ownership easier and more accessible for users.

What has the engineering team at AllCar™ accomplished so far in terms of features on the app?

The engineering team at AllCar™ has already launched features such as insurance shopping, loan refinancing, real-time driving insights, car diagnostics, a repair marketplace, and a GPT-4 chatbot on the app.

How does AllCar™ differentiate itself from other car ownership management apps on the market?

AllCar™ differentiates itself by not only focusing on making something that works, but striving to make something that works exceptionally well for users, actively making car ownership easier, simpler, and more accessible.

Jerry helps you save money on car expenses.

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Mission & Purpose

Jerry is America’s first and only AllCar™ app. We’re redefining and radically improving all things car ownership. When Jerry launched its car insurance compare-and-buy service in 2019, we forever changed the experience of shopping for car insurance. Today, we’re reimagining every step of car ownership to make it better, faster, and more affordable. We’re committed to constantly innovating and improving our AI-powered AllCar™ app. From insurance and financing to maintenance and safety, we’ve got your back. Because we car. Our AllCar™ app makes handling everything car easier with: - PriceProtect™: Find shockingly good insurance rates from 50+ insurance companies and refinance your car loan with ease to reduce monthly payments - GarageGuard™: Keep track of your vehicle to diagnose issues, send scheduled maintenance reminders, estimate repair and maintenance prices, and recommend trusted service providers - DriveShield™: Become a safer driver by tracking your driving score and get rewarded with compelling safe-driving rewards Jerry makes owning a car easier by putting car owners first. By perfectly combining AI with human agents, our AllCar™ app provides more customers quality service, faster. Jerry customers can do everything in the app, without making a single phone call (unless they want to!). With more than 3 million customers nationwide, Jerry is the #1 rated and most downloaded app in its category. Led by serial entrepreneurs, tech alumni, and fintech, insurtech and auto experts, Jerry attracts people who are passionate about improving car ownership and saving Americans money, all while providing a seamless customer experience. We’re relentless, we’re moving fast, and it’s working. Jerry HQ is in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toronto and Buffalo, and remote team members in four countries. Ride with us.