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Online Lister Volunteer (Homestore)

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    Entry Level
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • London


  • Just so you know, we are unable to accept volunteers aged under 16 or with unspent criminal convictions. Please note this is an unpaid voluntary position in a friendly charity shop.


  • writing informative and accurate descriptions of the items we are selling including details about condition, measurements and any defects or flaws.
  • making sure the item is placed in the correct selling category to make it easy for customers to find just what they are looking for
  • helping to upload photos to really showcase the items.

The largest independent funder of research into heart and circulatory diseases in the UK

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The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a charitable organisation dedicated to combating heart disease through research, education, and support. The BHF's primary mission is to save lives and improve cardiovascular health by funding groundbreaking research, advocating for heart-healthy lifestyles, and providing support to those affected by heart conditions. Their purpose revolves around preventing heart diseases, promoting awareness, and advancing medical knowledge to ensure a world where individuals live longer, healthier lives, free from the impact of heart-related illnesses. Through their multifaceted approach, the BHF strives to make a significant and lasting impact on heart health in the United Kingdom.