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Part Time - Clinical Robot Associate - Kansas City, MO

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Kansas City

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  • You must be a customer-service oriented, organized, self-sufficient communicator who is willing to work varying shift times, lift up to 40 pounds, and have experience in the healthcare space. Passionate about technology and dedicated to improving healthcare with robots.
  • You will monitor and assist robots in a hospital setting, collect data, troubleshoot issues, prioritize customer experience, and communicate with staff and the public.

Graduate Job

Customer RelationsKansas City


  • As part of Diligent Robotics’ founding operations team, you will uphold the highest standards for safe clinical use of robots in real-world hospital environments. Through excellent communication and documentation, you will work alongside the hospital staff and our engineering team while assisting a cutting-edge fleet of robots. As part of the founding team, you will help design and implement processes as the organization scales. Clinical Robot Associates will solve unexpected situations that might arise during a shift, and work effectively as a team to ensure exceptional results to our hospital partners.
  • This is a part-time, entry-level role at Diligent Robotics and will average 3 8-hour shifts per week. This position is located in Kansas City, MO and you must be local to be considered.
  • This is not an engineering position and a background in robotics or engineering is not required. If you have ever been an outstanding customer service representative helping busy customers with their needs, you may be a great fit for the role


  • A high school graduate or possess a GED
  • Customer-service oriented: you are friendly, skilled in the art of de-escalation, and an able juggler of customer demands and company needs
  • An excellent written and verbal communicator: you convey information to internal stakeholders in phone calls and direct messenger
  • Organized: you can juggle and make progress on multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Self-sufficient: you get things done, learn what you don’t know, and can make quick decisions independently, as circumstances require
  • Able to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Able to work varying shift times including nights and weekends and understanding that your schedule may shift as customer needs change over time
  • Willing to work during significant holidays: you understand that our customers (i.e. hospitals) don’t shut down during the holidays and neither can our robots
  • Willing to be vendor credentialed: our customers have strict standards and employment will be dependent on obtaining vendor credentials, the process of which will include various immunizations, a background check, a drug screen, among other steps
  • The ideal candidate would be:
  • Extraverted: you can strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone loves your presence
  • Responsive and responsible: you commit to deadlines, err on the side of over-communication, and understand the challenges of working with some co-workers that may be remote.
  • Results-oriented: you’re happy to observe and take notes on end users interacting with the robot all day if that’s what it takes
  • Passionate about healthcare and technology coming together to help people
  • Formerly employed in the healthcare space: you have an insider understanding of the vernacular, organizational structure, and operational processes of hospitals
  • Passionate and clear-eyed when it comes to robots: you understand that there’s a gap between technological reality and media-driven expectations and are excited about the opportunity to move the industry forward by whatever means necessary, even if it isn’t glamorous

Area of Responsibilities

Customer Relations


  • Monitoring and safely assisting mobile service robots in a hospital environment
  • Collecting data and troubleshooting in a variety of real-world situations, while simultaneously providing detailed and accurate feedback to our engineers
  • Prioritizing the customer experience, ensuring their expectations are always met or exceeded
  • Communicating with hospital staff and, occasionally, the public regarding robot operation


Work type

Part time

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Kansas City