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Senior Software Engineer (Java)



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    Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
  • Belfast

AI generated summary

  • You must have expertise in Java, Spring Boot, containerisation, orchestration, cloud platforms, and distributed systems. Strong leadership, curiosity, and continuous learning are essential. A degree in IT or related work experience is required.
  • You will take ownership of projects, design and implement robust software solutions, collaborate with the Engineering Manager, research new technologies, prioritize work, participate in reviews, and foster a dynamic work environment.


  • Expertise in Java and Spring Boot, or an equivalent OOP programming language.
  • Experience with containerisation (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), cloud platforms (we use Microsoft Azure!), and familiarity with infrastructure automation (Terraform).
  • Knowledge of different architectural patterns.
  • Working experience with scalable distributed systems.
  • An insatiable curiosity about software engineering and technology.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, with a passion for coaching and mentoring less-experienced developers.
  • A strong work ethic and desire to continuously learn and improve.
  • A degree in an IT/Computer Sciences discipline or equivalent work experience.


  • Taking ownership and seeing a project through the full SDLC and ensure successful production maintenance.
  • Design and implement robust software solutions that prioritise reliability, resource utilization, high availability, I/O throughput, performance, scalability and security.
  • Collaborate directly with the Engineering Manager to effectively deliver the product roadmap.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies to enhance the performance and elegance of our software implementations.
  • Architecting, implementing and delivering high-quality software for client-facing products.
  • Coordinating and prioritising work within the development team
  • Participating in design reviews, code reviews, and unit and integration test reviews to maintain high standards of quality.
  • Foster a dynamic and energetic work environment by engaging with team members and promoting a culture of learning and fun.


What programming languages and technologies are required for this role?

Expertise in Java and Spring Boot, or an equivalent OOP programming language is required. Experience with containerisation (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), cloud platforms (such as Microsoft Azure), and familiarity with infrastructure automation (Terraform) is also necessary.

What are some key responsibilities of a Senior Software Engineer in this role?

Some key responsibilities include designing and implementing robust software solutions, collaborating with the Engineering Manager to deliver the product roadmap, researching and evaluating new technologies, coordinating work within the development team, and fostering a dynamic work environment.

What qualifications are essential for this position?

Essential qualifications include a degree in an IT/Computer Sciences discipline or equivalent work experience, expertise in Java and Spring Boot, experience with scalable distributed systems, knowledge of different architectural patterns, and demonstrated leadership abilities.

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