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Senior Staff Program Manager

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    Expert / Leadership (9+ years)
  • Business, Operations & Strategy
  • London

AI generated summary

  • You need 10+ years of tech project management experience, understanding of software development methods, ability to lead large projects worldwide, and proficiency in JIRA, Confluence, Smartsheet, and Microsoft Suite. Travel and right to work in UK are essential.
  • You drive the execution of complex technical programs, engage stakeholders, manage risks, build relationships, enforce processes, solve problems, communicate effectively, and contribute to team planning in an entrepreneurial environment.


  • Bachelor’s degree with 10+ years of experience in project management in the technology realm.
  • Led planning, execution and delivery of projects across multiple teams (product and technology) around the world specifically for authentication and STB programs
  • Communicate clearly, analyze technical designs, organize project timelines, secure commitments, manage risks, identify the critical path, spot edge cases, triage bugs, review metrics and data, and monitor launch operations for large software projects
  • Anticipate bottlenecks, provide escalation management, anticipate and make trade-offs.
  • You have a solid understanding of software development methods like CI/CD, Agile Scrum, Waterfall, etc.
  • You have shipped multiple high impact projects and used data to assess their impact.
  • You have experience with all phases of project delivery from concept to production, including defining features and deliverables, securing team commitments, establishing a project charter, handling all communication and reporting, overseeing development & deployment, and performing retrospective assessment using data and key performance indicators.
  • You operate cross-functionally; both internally and externally, across multiple teams and stakeholders
  • You have demonstrated the ability to make decisions for more than one project or program area showing that your judgment is fungible, and you must be able to handle more than one project simultaneously and successfully.
  • You have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to understand organizational and corporate goals and ensured that your projects delivered what was required to hit these goals.
  • You MUST have experience with JIRA, Confluence, Smartsheet and Microsoft Suite of products.
  • Travel is required both domestic and international averaging about 20%
  • Must have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom


  • The ideal candidate has a proven track record of developing, executing complex technical programs while regularly engaging stakeholders (both internal and external) to secure commitments, manage risks, identify the critical path and spot edge cases. You have exemplary written and verbal communication skills and proactively report to both technical and non-technical stakeholders accurate program status, critical risks/ issues or escalations needed and proposed solutions. You have a proven track record of building and strengthening relationships with key stakeholder groups and external partners. The ideal candidate has had experience working with multiple partners/ vendors/ STBs and maintaining partner relationships while holding teams accountable and driving the overall delivery of the program.
  • This role will be a key influencer in the team’s strategy, scalability and standardization. They must have strong organizational skills, and the ability to create, document and enforce processes that ensure scalability of technical integration programs. They must be able to thrive and succeed in an entrepreneurial environment and not be hindered by ambiguity or competing priorities. The ideal candidate will contribute significantly to team planning. You show good judgment, making trade-offs between immediate and long-term business needs and share your learnings and knowledge with the team.
  • Key Competencies
  • Proactive Problem-solving: First and foremost, you are a problem-solver. You work tirelessly to keep work streams on track, to unblock software development, and to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for the business. You are eager, confident, and able to use all the tools at your disposal to solve whatever problems crop up.
  • Active Learning: You are here to learn and grow. Your industry knowledge will never be complete, and you are hungry to learn more and to share what you have learned with your peers and the team(s) that you influence.
  • Efficient & Effective: You are here to solve business problems and help our customers, not to prepare reports or oversee meetings. You find the most effective way to use our precious internal resources to achieve the best outcome. You find the most effective means to communicate clearly and concisely to all interested stakeholders. You are a simplifier and a productivity multiplier for others around you.
  • Exemplary Communication: Your written and verbal communication skills are top notch. You can distill key points out of complex technical descriptions to share with non-technical stakeholders, adapting your language and style of communication depending on the audience. You can clearly articulate decisions that have been made and supporting materials that back them. You are confident and capable of speaking to both the business operations or technical decisions. You communicate through data, dates, and facts using narrative and emotion judiciously.
  • Adaptable: You communicate clearly, analyze technical designs, organize project timelines, secure commitments, manage risks, identify the critical path, spot edge cases, triage bugs, review metrics & data, and monitor launch operations. You switch effortlessly between these modes adapting yourself to the needs of your work streams.
  • Self-starter: You are a strong self-starter and therefore have the ability to drill into business data and research results to identify clear direction and focus for your projects and programs. You continue to move forward in the face of ambiguity and imperfect knowledge. You do not suffer from “analysis paralysis.”
  • Open & Decisive: You proactively share information to teach and inform your stakeholders. You are valued for the decisions that you make in pursuit of your program. You are driven by your own impact, the positive outcomes that you drive. You share freely all that you learn so that others around you can be more effective.


What is the role of the Senior Staff Program Manager in Warner Bros. Discovery's Direct-to-consumer technology and product organization?

The Senior Staff Program Manager will be responsible for managing Go to Market partner integrations for WBD, focusing on back-office systems and apps on affiliate-owned equipment. This role involves working with external affiliates, internal engineering teams, distribution teams, and other stakeholders to efficiently launch these integrations.

What types of partner integrations does the Global Partner Integration Team work on?

The Global Partner Integration Team focuses on integrations that involve back-office systems like authentication, shared identity, billing, and entitlement services, as well as apps on affiliate-owned equipment such as set-top boxes. These integrations enable partners to sell or bundle WBD services and allow customers access throughout their experiences.

What brands and platforms does Warner Bros. Discovery's DTC technology and product organization work on?

The DTC technology and product organization works on building world-class products for iconic brands like HBO Max, Discovery Channel, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Eurosport, MotorTrend, and many more. These products cover a wide range of platforms including connected TV, mobile, web, and consoles.

Entertainment & Media

Mission & Purpose

Warner Bros. Discovery is a global media and entertainment company, known for producing and distributing a wide range of content, including films, television shows, and digital content. Their ultimate mission is to captivate audiences worldwide by creating compelling and innovative stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. With a strong focus on storytelling and creativity, Warner Bros. Discovery aims to enrich people's lives through entertainment and provide a diverse array of content across various platforms. Their purpose is to connect people through shared experiences and to continue being a leading force in the entertainment industry, shaping the future of entertainment in the UK and beyond.

Culture & Values

  • Act as one team

    Trust each other, succeed together, and grow together. Collaborate across teams and make decisions that are best for WBD overall. Prioritize growth, development, and well-being for our teams. Respect and support each other, and celebrate wins.

  • Create what's next

    Be curious, innovate, and focus on the future. Drive change, embrace disruption, and never stop learning. Use data and technology to transform what we create and how we tell stories and deliver. Experiment, fail fast, acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

  • Empower Storytelling

    Put creators, consumers and partners at the center, and share extraordinary stories. Tell stories that entertain and inspire our viewers, communities, and each other. Foster creativity by giving the freedom to try new things and produce our best work. Deliver the best experience; anticipate what consumers want and be fan obsessed.

  • Champion Inclusion

    Empower others, have courage, and pursue equity. Amplify the voices of global storytellers to reflect audiences around the world. Intentionally seek out diversity, remove barriers, and create space for all to share ideas and be heard. Actively listen and lead with empathy, integrity, and transparency.

  • Dream it & own it

    Advocate the mission, move with speed, and drive results. Have an owner's mindset; bring a perspective, take decisive rapid action, and manage spend responsibly. Make clear choices, set ambitious goals, and be accountable for results. Speak up and fearlessly challenge the norm.