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Software Engineer for AI Training Data (Python)


G2i Inc.

5d ago

  • Job
    Mid Level
  • Software Engineering


  • 3+ years of experience in a software engineering/software development role.
  • Complete fluency in the English language.
  • Ability to articulate complex scientific concepts clearly and engagingly.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency in writing.
  • Solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines.
  • Proficiency with Python
  • Nice To Have's:
  • Bachelor's and/or Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Proficiency in working with one or more of the following: Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++. SQL, Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, Matlab, PHP, HTML, DART, R, Apex, and Shell, C, C#
  • Recognized accomplishments or contributions to the coding community or in projects.
  • Proven analytical skills with an ability to approach problems creatively.
  • Adept communication skills, especially when it comes to understanding and discussing project requirements.
  • A commitment to continuous learning, and staying updated with the latest in coding advancements and best practices.
  • Enthusiasm for teaching AI models and experience with technical writing!


  • Evaluating the quality of AI-generated code, including human-readable summaries of your rationale
  • Solve coding problems, writing functional and efficient code
  • Writing robust test cases to confirm code works efficiently and effectively
  • We asked the technical project manager to go into even more detail and this is how he answered: It is solving coding challenges, creating instructions to help others, reviewing the code before it goes into the model, and there's a ton of variety in the projects. We have everything from "which piece of Python code is better?" to "make a full mobile application using this chatbot, and improve the chatbot's responses afterwards to make it faster"

Application Process

  • Apply using this Ashby form
  • If you look like a good fit, we'll send an async RLHF code review that will take 35 minutes and would need to be finished within 72 hours of us sending it.
  • You'll receive credentials to the RLHF platform. We'll setup a group call to answer further questions about onboarding with the company.
  • You'll perform a simulated production level task RLHF task on the platform. This will be your final interview and will ultimately determine your employment and leveling.

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G2i is a hiring community connecting remote developers with world-class engineering teams. Our unique approach combines rigorous technical assessments with a solid commitment to developer health, ensuring companies get skilled developers who are supported, valued, and ready to execute from day one. Our transparent vetting process includes in-depth, performance-ranked developer profiles, recorded technical interviews, and soft-skills assessments. Whether you're working on a short-term project or burning down a backlog, G2i connects you with a community of pre-vetted developers. Planning to hire ten or more engineers? We create a Custom Talent Pipeline, allowing for specific customizations in sourcing, assessment criteria, technical interview questions, and integration with your existing HR systems and processes. G2i partners with clients who support the developer health mission—matching developers with environments that improve their health, support recovery from burnout, and enable professional growth through restful work. Is your team overworked or understaffed? Contact us today to learn how G2i can help you.