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Software Engineering Sr. Advisor

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AI generated summary

  • You should have 10+ years of app engineering experience with React, Angular, Java, NoSql, AWS, security, SSO, distributed systems, CI/CD, monitoring tools, and Nodejs. Understand event-driven architecture and messaging services.
  • You will develop web applications, RESTful APIs, and event-driven services in a fast-paced team using the latest open-source technologies. Agile methodologies will guide your work on processing, storing, and retrieving vast amounts of data in a distributed environment.


  • 10+ years of work experience in application engineering
  • Experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript, Typescript
  • Strong experience with React (preferred), React Native (preferred), Angular latest version
  • Web application development experience with compiled languages such as Java
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Strong experience with Event Driven Architecture (preferred)
  • Experience with developing RESTful web services
  • Strong experience with enterprise level N-tier web applications
  • Experience in writing native SQL queries
  • NoSql Database - DynamoDb, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Strong experience with cloud infrastructure AWS
  • Experience with single-page application
  • Experience with enterprise security Including IAM Roles & Policies, Auth0/Okta, Encryption, API Gateways, Firewalls, Private Cloud)
  • Nice-to-haves:
  • Experience in SSO (SAML, OPENID)
  • Knowledge of search solutions such as Lucene, Solr, or Elasticsearch
  • Experience in architecting and designing distributed systems that are highly available and security focused
  • Experience with designing event-based systems
  • Understanding Queue / Messaging services- JMS, Amazon SQS, MS MQ, etc.
  • Strong experience with Continuous Integration / Deployments (Jenkins / Terraform / Git Lab Runners)
  • Experience with Application Monitoring Tools (Splunk, CloudWatch, Dynatrace etc)
  • Familiarity with Nodejs


  • Candidates will need to have experience with medium-to-large-scale web development.
  • Ability to develop within “full” technology stack
  • Be part of a fast moving team, working with the latest tools and open source technologies
  • Design and develop our next generation of RESTful APIs and Event driven services in a distributed environment
  • Use advanced, distributed technologies to process, store, and quickly retrieve huge volumes of data
  • Work on a development team using agile methodologies


What are the primary skills required for this Software Engineering Sr. Advisor role?

The primary skills required for this role include 10+ years of work experience in application engineering, experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript and Typescript, strong experience with React, React Native, or Angular, web application development experience with compiled languages like Java, understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, experience with Event Driven Architecture, developing RESTful web services, enterprise level N-tier web applications, writing native SQL queries, familiarity with NoSQL databases like DynamoDb, MongoDB, Cassandra, experience with cloud infrastructure AWS, single-page application experience, and enterprise security knowledge.

What are some nice-to-have skills for this role?

Nice-to-have skills for this role include experience in SSO (SAML, OPENID), knowledge of search solutions such as Lucene, Solr, or Elasticsearch, experience in architecting and designing distributed systems, designing event-based systems, understanding Queue/Messaging services like JMS, Amazon SQS, MS MQ, etc., experience with Continuous Integration/Deployments tools like Jenkins, Terraform, Git Lab Runners, application monitoring tools like Splunk, CloudWatch, Dynatrace, familiarity with Nodejs, and more.

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