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Staff iOS Software Engineer, Advanced Technologies Group



1mo ago

  • Job
    Senior Level
  • Software Engineering
  • $148K - $304.5K
  • San Francisco

AI generated summary

  • You must have 6+ years of iOS app development experience with strong Objective-C/Swift skills, deep UI/UX understanding, full-stack capabilities, product sense, AI/ML interest, and a hunger for new technologies.
  • You will drive innovation by prototyping and creating new products using cutting-edge AI and ML technologies, develop iOS prototypes, collaborate with stakeholders, lead product development projects, and mentor team members. Stay current with industry trends for continuous improvement.


  • 6+ years of industry experience, 4+ years of which are in iOS app development with a strong command of Objective-C and/or Swift
  • An in-depth understanding of UI/UX interaction paradigms, animations, gestures, design patterns, and general iOS quality craftsmanship; you have extensive experience with iOS frameworks such as UIKit, Core Animation, and Core Data
  • Able to build a minimum viable product quickly; you have a principled perspective on building for stage of product without overengineering
  • Full-stack experience, whether for a personal project or in production (e.g. exposing API endpoints, modifying backend business logic, defining database schemas, spinning up a server)
  • Excellent product sense and storytelling abilities, with the ability to translate user needs into clear technical visions; you can explain complex technical ideas to designers, PMs, and other engineers
  • Able to dive into codebases and figure out how things work with minimal guidance
  • Proficient in leveraging device capabilities and technologies like ARKit and CoreML and hungry to learn and tinker with new technologies
  • Solid understanding of concurrent programming, memory management, I/O, app lifecycle, multithreading, and networking
  • Experience running A/B experiments and interpreting data to inform product insights
  • Note: You don’t need to have had previous experience with AI/ML, but it is a preference. Looking for candidates excited about building AI products; even better if you actively keep up with the space


  • Drive innovation by prototyping and creating new products using cutting-edge AI, ML, and computer vision technologies developed in our research lab (e.g. generative outpainting models, large language models)
  • Develop functional iOS prototypes that test and validate new product ideas and co-design them with designers, product managers, and ML researchers, striking a balance between user problems, business needs, and technological constraints
  • Although this position is iOS-focused, versatility is key. You should be prepared to dive into back-end and full-stack engineering tasks as needed, including exposing prototype-level API endpoints, driving prompt engineering for new use cases, and integrating third-party SDKs
  • Lead product development projects involving multiple stakeholders and engineers from ideation through to release. Actively propose new product opportunities and technical improvement areas
  • Drive impactful cross-team collaborations and uplevel team and peers through mentorship
  • Stay current with industry trends in Generative AI, ML, and computer vision and incorporate best practices into your work


What is the focus of the Advanced Technologies Group at Pinterest?

The Advanced Technologies Group at Pinterest focuses on applying advancements in machine learning and computer vision technology to real-world product challenges for our users.

What kind of technologies does the ATG Products team work with?

The ATG Products team works with Generative AI, machine learning, and computer vision technologies to prototype and build new product experiences.

What is the mission of the ATG Products team at Pinterest?

The mission of the ATG Products team is to help Pinterest users discover, understand, and act on their personal tastes and needs through emerging technology.

What opportunities are available for Staff iOS Software Engineers within the ATG Products team?

Staff iOS Software Engineers within the ATG Products team have the opportunity to influence AI product development at Pinterest, explore new AI problem spaces, shape the product roadmap, and work with cutting-edge emerging technologies.

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