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  • The candidate must have experience in an FMCG/CPG environment, preferably food, and be skilled in IBP/S&OP. They should possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, be able to influence cross-functional teams, and have considerable operational management experience in supply planning or demand planning. International work experience and familiarity with Integrated Business Planning are preferred.
  • The candidate will be responsible for developing and executing supply chain plans, meeting KPIs, analyzing root causes for improvement, maintaining system data integrity, delivering schedules and plans, and implementing improvements in planning to meet company objectives.


  • Experience in FMCG/CPG environment, preferably food or other fast moving, dynamic industry where shelf life is a constraint
  • Experience in an IBP/S&OP environment
  • Able to influence cross-functional teams, working on the key priorities and improving the plan
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills – and able to understand and interpret data
  • Team player who can work with many other functions on a daily basis
  • Considerable operational management experience with supply planning/demand planning/ISC - required
  • Work experience in an international environment - preferred
  • Experience with Integrated Business Planning - preferred
  • Experience within FMCG – preferred


  • Develop short- and long-term end-to-end supply chain plans for items produced internally and externally
  • Meet your KPIs including (but not limited to) meeting or exceeding customer fill rate, delivering finished goods inventories at or below target levels and meeting waste objectives
  • Perform root-cause analysis for continuous improvement of the plan
  • Maintain the integrity of system data and information for supply planning
  • Deliver master and detailed schedules and long-range plans (including capacity considerations) and material requirement plans by using system tools
  • Support and implement improvements in the planning arena to improve customer fill rate, inventory targets, and waste reduction to meet company KPIs


What are the main responsibilities of a Supply Planner?

A Supply Planner is responsible for planning finished goods production, material planning, or working in a long-term planning team. They are in charge of production planning of specific SKUs on manufacturing assets, conducting mid- and long-term planning, and collaborating with plant operations, suppliers, and demand to ensure operational execution.

What skills are needed to excel in a Supply Planner role?

To excel as a Supply Planner, one should have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, analytical capabilities, communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with various teams. Knowledge of supply chain management, production planning, and logistics is also beneficial.

What is the typical workflow for a Supply Planner?

A Supply Planner typically starts by analyzing demand forecasts and inventory levels, creating production plans, and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure timely and efficient production. They also monitor and adjust plans as needed, communicate with suppliers and internal teams, and track key performance indicators to measure success.

How does a Supply Planner collaborate with plant operations and suppliers?

A Supply Planner works closely with plant operations to understand manufacturing capabilities and constraints, align production plans with capacity, and ensure smooth execution. They also collaborate with suppliers to coordinate material deliveries, manage inventory levels, and address any supply chain disruptions.

What are the key challenges faced by a Supply Planner?

Some of the key challenges faced by a Supply Planner include managing demand variability, optimizing production schedules, navigating supply chain disruptions, and balancing inventory levels. It is crucial for a Supply Planner to have contingency plans in place and the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

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