Guaranteed Entry-Level Hires, for a flat rate.
just that simple.

And nope, we're not an agency 😇
(we're a tech company)
First off, who are we?

Huzzle is the early careers platform for high potentials

Huzzle connects the best companies with the most ambitious students via student societies.

Tap into the network of future Leaders

3X more hirable students (as rated by employers)
1k+ Student Society Leaders (Presidents, VPs, etc)
Highly engaged. Actively seeking for jobs or internships

Reach 400+ Student Societies

Societies use Huzzle to manage their members
You can:
Source specialised Talent via Societies
Co-host Events with Societies
That's for you! 🤗

All-in-one Early Talent Recruitment Platform with a Hire Guarantee

Post your role & define hiring criteria
We distribute it to the right people
Receive a stream of applicants until you hire!
get started with zero risk



1 Guaranteed Hire
Unlimited Applications until you hire
1 Role
1 User
Premium Profile
3 months access to Huzzle
Most popular:

Zero-Risk +

3 Guaranteed Hires
Unlimited Applications until you hire
3 Roles
3 Users
1 Employer Spotlight
Premium Profile
6 months access to Huzzle


Active Sourcing
Search Huzzle's Talent Base
Advanced Messaging Campaigns
Send personalised messages at scale
30 Managed Events
Unlimited Roles
10 Users
12 months access to Huzzle
Its a no-brainer, really

Huzzle combines the best of recruitment agencies and job platforms

how does it work?

Guaranteed hires and no agency fees: HOW DOES THIS WORK?


Post your Role and set your hiring criteria

Post your internship or job
Define your hiring criteria
We'll only deliver you qualified applicants who meet your criteria

Your role gets distributed on Huzzle
+ across 4 more channels

Huzzle app logo square
Your role gets distributed on Huzzle
For additional applicants, your role gets published on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & TikTok
We auto-assign the best budget across all channels to achieve the Lowest Cost Per Qualified Applicant

Manage all applicants in one place

Track your applicants across all stages
Message applicants
Use pre-screening mode to go through applications superfast
all Features

A powerful platform to source & manage Talent from Applicant, to Hire.

Post your Roles
Let our smart distribution place your roles in front of the perfect candidates.
Easily screen and qualify your candidates with our intuitive screening mode.
Full Recruiting Pipeline
From application to final hire, manage every step with our recruiting pipeline.
Event Management
Organise & manage your events and collaborate with student societies.
Premium Employer Profile
Showcase your brand, culture, and values to attract top early-career talent.
Understand applicant behaviour and optimize your hiring strategy for results.
Ingmar, Co-founder and CEO of HuzzleParham, Co-founder and COO of Huzzle

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Frequently asked questions

What is Huzzle?
Huzzle is a tech-based early careers platform that connects high-potential students with top companies through student societies. We aim to simplify the hiring process for entry-level roles. We have a pool of 50k+ high potential students actively seeking jobs and internships on our platform.
Is Huzzle an agency?
No, we are not an agency. We are a technology company offering a streamlined platform for both students and employers.
How does Huzzle differ from traditional recruitment agencies?
We combine the best features of recruitment agencies and job platforms. Offering a streamlined, automated, and cost-effective solution for employers by generating inbound applications for you in a short time frame and at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies that charge commissions.
How does the Guaranteed Hire work?
We guarantee to deliver you batches of qualified applicants based on the criteria you set. You will continue to receive applications until you find your perfect hire.
What channels do you use for job distribution?
Your job posting will be distributed on the Huzzle platform and across four additional channels: Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.
How do I manage applicants?
You can manage all applicants in one centralized place on our platform, which includes tracking, messaging, and pre-screening features.
What is the Zero-Risk plan?
The Zero-Risk plan costs £199 and guarantees one hire with unlimited applications. It allows one user and provides a premium profile with 3 months of access to Huzzle.
How active is the Huzzle community?
We have over 50k highly engaged students who are actively seeking jobs and internships and over 1k Student Society Leaders (Presidents, VPs, etc.).
Do you offer analytics?
Yes, you can access analytics and in-depth performance data related to your job postings and campaigns to make data-driven decisions. You will be able to see the whole application journey with the amount of students in the talent pool, who viewed your job, the ones who saved your job and who clicked on apply and didn't complete the application yet.
How do I get in touch for more information?
You can book a free 15-min Discovery Call here to get personalized assistance.
Who are some companies that hire through Huzzle?
EY, Salesforce, Alphasights, Nonna Tonda, Terra, and Mako Trading are some of the innovative companies that use our platform currently.