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More Graduate Jobs & Internships than on any other platform

Huzzle is the most complete & accurate source for Entry-Level jobs in the UK

Purely high quality Roles

Only career-relevant graduate jobs, graduate schemes, internships and events
Updated on a daily basis
Jobs from Enterprises, Startups, Scaleups & SMEs

Only Curated Recommendations, Zero noise

Relevant opportunities, all the time. You are in full control of your career preferences.
Set personalized preferences
Receive fresh recommendations on a weekly basis

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Frequently asked questions

What is Huzzle for Students?
Huzzle is an early careers network connecting students, student organisations and companies. You could say it's like Indeed, but rebuilt for Students. We collect over 4,000 entry level graduate jobs, internships & events from employers across the UK, and only match you to relevant opportunities based on your career preferences.
How does Huzzle work for students?
Huzzle uses an algorithm to match students with entry-level career opportunities in the UK. Once you sign up and specify your career preferences, the app displays the most suitable jobs, internships and events for you.
How can I create an account with Huzzle?
To create a Huzzle account, go to our website or download our mobile app. Click 'Find Opportunities', enter your email, fill in your career preferences, and you're ready to go!
Is Huzzle free for students?
Yes! Huzzle is 100% free to use for Students and Student Organisations, and will stay that way.
How can I maximise my chances of finding a job through Huzzle?
To increase your chances of finding a job on Huzzle, ensure that your profile is complete and up-to-date, including your resume and career preferences. Also, make sure to regularly check the platform for new job postings, as we update our opportunities on an hourly basis.
Can I use Huzzle if I am a student from outside the UK?
As of now, most of the opportunities on Huzzle are UK-based, however we will open Huzzle up to other countries soon. Stay tuned!
Can I save jobs and apply to them later?
Yes, we recommend using Huzzle to check your job recommendations, save the ones you like, and then come back later to apply to your saved jobs & internships. You can find them in your application manager tab on the Web App or Mobile App.
Can I get notifications for new job postings that match my career preferences?
Yes, you can opt-in to receive notifications for new job postings that align with your career preferences. We are sending updates on a weekly basis.
How can I improve the relevancy of job recommendations on Huzzle?
To improve the relevancy of job recommendations, be sure to regularly update your career preferences. The more detailed and up-to-date your preferences are, the more accurately Huzzle can match you with potential graduate jobs, internships and events.
Our mission

Student Job Search is broken.
We're fixing it.

We want the next generation of students to feel like Queens and Kings when they graduate. Unfortunately, as of today, still too many young people are "lost", and don't know what to do after they've graduated. This has negative consequences on their happiness and productivity.
Societies play a big part of the solution! The cool thing about societies is that they offer what we call "tiny career opportunities". Workshops, Events, Career Lunches etc. Investing less time per opportunity enables you to consider a broader spectrum of possible careers, before you focus on one.


In today's world, career platforms create noise and fuel Fear of Missing out. 81% of college students are experiencing significant levels of anxiety.
21% experience lifelong symptoms of major depressive disorder.

The Solution

A career platform, completely built around young job seekers preferences. If you had a magic wand and could create a job platform for yourself from scratch, how would it look?
- Curated entry-level opportunities that truly match your preferences.
- All available jobs, not just a limited supply of opportunities that companies pay for.
- All your societies, in one place.
- No annoying irrelevant recommendations.
- No annoying long job descriptions.
- No outdated jobs.

This, and more is Huzzle 💚

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The whole story behind founding Huzzle & our Philosophy 💚

Let’s face it, searching for graduate jobs and internships can be overwhelming. Unsurprisingly, 81% of students experience high career anxiety levels.

This is because the current system is ineffective. The moment students begin university, they’re pressured to make career decisions. It’s implied that to secure a top graduate job, you must start working towards this early by applying for relevant spring weeks and internships.

The issue is, at this point, most students don’t know what career is right for them. This pressure only makes them feel less prepared than their peers, who seemingly already have their careers mapped out. As a result, these students tend to follow conventional paths like consulting and finance, and unsurprisingly, many struggle to find fulfilment, with one-third of Brits unhappy in their careers. 

We founded Huzzle because we believe you deserve a better way to explore your options and find your true calling. We know you need more than just a job search platform. You need a place that nurtures exploration and self-discovery

Unfortunately, other job apps don’t care about you. You use their platform to find a job, and that’s it. Huzzle is different. We want to help you throughout your entire journey. We want to empower you with the experience and knowledge to make informed career decisions. We provide personalised recommendations from over 4,000 entry-level opportunities and connect you with more than 150 UK student societies, helping you explore different career paths and connect with like-minded individuals.

We’re not lying when we say we put students first. On other platforms, the jobs you see aren’t based on what’s right for you. Instead, it’s based on which companies have the largest marketing budget. That’s why bigger companies hog the spotlight, making smaller gems difficult to uncover. 

Not on Huzzle! We envision a future where job platforms operate based on merit. Much like Airbnb’s marketplace system, where hosts are ranked based on their ratings, the companies that rise to the top of Huzzle will be those that provide employees and applicants with the best experience. This type of system will incentivise employers to treat graduate employees better and provide the best application process possible, including faster response times and personalised feedback. Now, that’s something worth working towards.

So, what’s our philosophy in a nutshell? It’s all about revolutionising the student job app market to empower you to unearth your true potential. Huzzle is the future of job search. A student job app that actually cares about students.

Together, we’ll create a future where self-discovery and authentic connections lead to extraordinary careers.

Ready to kickstart your journey with Huzzle? Let’s get started! Discover your passions, connect with other students, and explore endless possibilities. Your dream career awaits, and we’re here to make it happen!

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