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We would like to wish you a warm welcome to the Middlesex University Law Society!  This is the oldest society at Middlesex University, and we were founded with the main aim of supporting students in their professional and social lives.   This year, we are looking to run many exciting online events relating to student skill development and employability, such as speaker events, moots, workshops, career opportunities, lectures, and study sessions. We also aim to present current affairs in the legal world to you, via manageable and digestible updates on social media.  In addition to the professional events, the Society intends to organise many social events where students can meet and socialize with their fellow students with similar interests.   The Society is run by students, to students. We are not here to improve the academic achievements of our members, but we are here to help assist your time at University and hopefully encourage your participation in law-related events.  Main Events for 2021/22:Networking Events. Employability Workshops. Academic Trips.Social Events.Cultural Events.
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