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Hines is a globally recognised real estate investment and development firm with a strong presence in the UK. The company specializes in creating innovative and sustainable real estate projects, ranging from residential and commercial properties to mixed-use developments. Their ultimate mission is to enhance cities and communities by delivering high-quality, impactful real estate solutions that meet the evolving needs of people and businesses. Hines' purpose is to contribute to the growth and vitality of urban environments, creating spaces that not only provide value to investors but also improve the lives of residents, workers, and visitors through thoughtful design, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.


Unmatched standard of quality

Create the highest standards of quality in the real estate industry.

A culture of excellence

Excel in an environment enriched through innovation, entrepreneurship and unparalleled service.

Leader in innovation

Continue a decades-long tradition of innovation and advancement.

Work with the best

Learn and grow with accomplished, forward-thinking and passionate leaders.