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Skipton, North Yorkshire







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Mission & purpose

JN Bentley is a civil engineering and construction company that provides a wide range of services to various industries, including water, power, transportation, and environmental sectors. The company specialises in delivering complex infrastructure projects, such as water treatment facilities, reservoirs, pipelines, bridges, and highways. Their ultimate mission is to be a leading and trusted engineering contractor, committed to delivering high-quality projects that meet their clients' needs while ensuring safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. JN Bentley's purpose is to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure and enhance the communities they serve by delivering innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. Through their engineering expertise and collaborative approach, the company aims to make a positive impact on society, support economic development, and contribute to the overall progress of the regions they operate in.

Culture & values

Because we care about our clients and their customers

Clients award us repeat-business. They sign up to long-term frameworks with us and call on our services when deadlines are tight, when they need an emergency response, and when the work needs a team of people willing to go that extra mile. And whilst working together, we always care for the environment.

Because we care about our people and keeping them safe

There is nothing more important than our people going home fit and well at the end of the day. We want our people to thrive and invest heavily in their development. We want them to be part of their communities, supporting volunteering, charitable endeavours, and social events.

Because we care about the bottom line

We’ve put the tools in place to help ensure we deliver efficiently for our clients. Our Quality, Cost & Efficiency Strategy focuses on innovation, collective effort and making those small savings that all add up. This means our clients' investments deliver as much for society as possible.