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At John Burns Research and Consulting, LLC, we make it a priority to attract and retain PALS: the most Passionate, Articulate, Likable, and Smart team members. Our PALS profitably and quickly complete the most insightful, challenging, accurate and forward-looking research and consulting assignments. We empower and require everyone to succeed at the highest possible level by demanding and demonstrating excellence in work and character. Passionate: Curious, energetic people who embrace our high standards for excellence, overcome obstacles, and grow our business by identifying, promoting, and leading company and industry innovations, attracting great teammates, and providing the best advice possible Articulate: Empathetic listeners who coworkers and clients seek out because they communicate clearly, concisely, respectfully, and inspirationally Likable: Reliable, helpful, collaborative, trustworthy team players who make work enjoyable because they are dependable and complete high-quality work on time and with humility and kindness Smart: Insightful second-level thinkers who convert complexity into concise, logical, forward-thinking recommendations and solutions