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Leigh Day was established in 1987 and is a highly distinctive law firm which is not afraid to take on challenges that would daunt many others. The firm’s ethos is to ensure that the ordinary person has just as good quality legal advice as our state bodies, insurers and multinationals which has led us to take on many ‘David and Goliath’ legal struggles for justice. Our aim is to remain a niche firm specialising in the more complex aspects of personal injury and human rights law. Leigh Day is committed to achieving access to justice for all including full, fair compensation by providing first-rate legal advice. Our first priority is always to clearly understand the needs of our clients as every individual’s case has a unique set of circumstances. We aim to build an open, honest and supportive relationship combined with objective professional advice and expertise. All Leigh Day lawyers are passionate about their work and determined to achieve the best outcome for our clients no matter what obstacles they face.