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  • You need a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree in a relevant field with experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, or related areas. Strong work ethic and communication skills are a must.
  • You will conduct research in Life Sciences, focusing on projects related to airway health and disease such as studying the impact of oxygen, mechanical ventilation, cellular senescence, and GPCR signaling in asthma.

Off-cycle Internship

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  • Prakash is a senior clinician-scientist and leader in physiology, anesthesiology and lung disease research. He is the Chair of Physiology and BME, and Vice Dean of Research at Mayo Clinic. His longstanding program on lung diseases such as asthma across the age spectrum is currently funded by multiple NHLBI R01s and substantial intramural support. The lab is particularly interested in structural cells (airway smooth muscle, fibroblasts, epithelium, nerves) and how they interact throughout life and contribute to wheezing in babies and children through to adult asthma across the lifespan. A highly collaborative team includes experienced technicians, postdoctoral and clinical fellows and research associates guided by the principle that “You Are Only As Good As The People You Work With.”


  • Candidates must have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree in a relevant field. Candidates with experience in domains such as biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology and cell signaling, physiology and/or animal models are encouraged to apply. Experience in emerging areas such as multi-omics (genomics, proteomics, spatial transcriptomics) is welcomed. Previous experience in the study of airway structure and function is not required. Candidates should have a strong work ethic and good oral and written communication skills.
  • Qualifications:
  • Must have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree in a field deemed relevant by the program. Research Fellow is appropriate for individuals who have completed no more than one prior postdoctoral fellowship, at Mayo Clinic or elsewhere.

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Research & Development


  • A Research Fellow position in Life Sciences (LS) will require knowledge of either clinical-based research or laboratory-based research often obtained from a postdoctoral program.
  • A Research Fellow at Mayo Clinic is a temporary position intended to provide training and education in research. Individuals will train in the research program of a Mayo Clinic principal investigator. Qualified individuals will demonstrate the potential for research as evidenced by their training and peer-reviewed publications and should become competitive for national research grants. Proof of English proficiency is required for J-1 Short-Term Scholars, Research Scholars, Professors, Specialists, and Student Interns sponsored by Mayo Clinic.
  • Examples of projects:
  • open to candidates include:
  • Impact of oxygen and mechanical ventilation on premature airways;
  • Cellular senescence in the perinatal airway;
  • Mechanosensitive pathways in airway health and disease;
  • Novel GPCR signaling in asthma.


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