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Machine Learning Engineer Graduate (Search E-commerce) - 2024 Start (BS/MS)

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2mo ago

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🤑 $106.6K - $139.7K

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  • The ideal candidate for the Machine Learning Engineer Graduate position at Tiktok should possess excellent coding skills, a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms, exceptional analysis and modeling abilities, and the capacity to identify key problems from complex data. Additionally, a history of publications in esteemed journals or conferences and experience in winning ACM-ICPC medals would be advantageous.
  • The Machine Learning Engineer Graduate will work on improving search quality and user experience, optimizing query analysis and relevance matching, implementing multi-modal matching, and enhancing the end-to-end shopping experience for Tiktok's e-commerce platform. They will also design and implement ranking systems, improve personalized shopping interests model, and solve challenging problems to promote sustainable growth of GMV.

Graduate Job



Rolling basis


  • The Search E-Commerce team is responsible for the search algorithm for TikTok's rapidly growing global e-commerce business. We use state-of-the-art large-scale machine learning technology, the cutting-edge NLP, CV and multi-modal technology to build the industry's top-class search engine to provide the best e-commerce search experience, for more than 1 billion monthly active TikTok users around the world. Our mission is to build a world where "there is no hard-to-sell good-priced product in the world".
  • We are looking for talented individuals to join our team in 2024. As a graduate, you will get unparalleled opportunities for you to kickstart your career, pursue bold ideas and explore limitless growth opportunities. Co-create a future driven by your inspiration with TikTok.
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  • Excellent coding skills. Solid knowledge of data structure and algorithms.
  • Excellent in analysis, modeling and problem-solving, and can see the essence of problems from complex data.
  • Publication records in top journals or conferences will be a plus. Experience winning ACM-ICPC medals will be a plus.
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Area of Responsibilities



  • Improve the basic search quality and user experience: Optimize query analysis and text relevance matching. Understand e-commerce video content and implement multi-modal matching. Improve users' perception of product authority, and deeply participate in the design and implementation of core search products. Comprehensively improve the end-to-end shopping experience from browsing to after-sales.
  • Design and implement the end-to-end ranking system (recall, first stage ranking, final stage ranking and mixed row): Improve users' personalized shopping interests model. Improve the shopping conversion efficiency for merchandise, video and live stream to promote GMV growth.
  • Promote the healthy development of the ecosystem: From the perspective of the industry and businesses, solve challenging problems such as supply and demand matching, business cold start, and sustainable business growth, etc. Think, analyze and adjust the evolution of the system to achieve long-term and sustainable growth of GMV.
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Full time

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106590 - 139650 USD

Rolling basis