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El Salvador Project

Imperial College London (ICL)


The El Salvador Project provides essential infrastructure to rural communities. In previous years we have built latrines, houses, a footbridge and water collection systems. This project is so unique as it works along side a local organisation to ensure that we are truly helping the people most in need, as well as ensure the people on the project are safe. During the weekends, we have the opportunity to explore the country of El Salvador, visiting volcanoes, waterfalls, the city and the beach. During the year, the team works together in fundraising towards the project with events such as raffles, bake sales and fun runs. Not only do these events raise money, they also help the expedition members to socialise with one another so they are already close friends before the trip. The entire project experience is one of the most unique experiences provided by the university and the trip itself is an amazing adventure that isn’t forgotten easily! If you have any questions about the project or would like to know please email us at el-salvador-project@imperial.ac.ukInstagram name: elsalvadorproject_icl Check out the video of the 2019 expedition!https://1drv.ms/v/s!Amourn-TtLQ5gUoNXpT5rtsKvi-v
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