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Vancouver, British Columbia

Empowering the Future of Digital Trust

Vancouver, British Columbia

Founded in 2011, GeoComply provides fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions that detect location fraud and help verify a user's true digital identity. Our award-winning products are based on the technologies developed for the highly regulated and complex U.S. online gaming and sports betting market. Beyond iGaming, GeoComply provides geolocation fraud detection solutions for streaming video broadcasters and the online banking, payments and cryptocurrency industries, building an impressive list of global customers including Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Akamai, Sightline, DraftKings, FanDuel and MGM. The company’s software is installed on over 400 million devices worldwide and analyzes over 10 billion transactions a year, placing GeoComply in a unique position to identify and counter both current and newly emerging fraud threats. Proven and refined over 10 years of development, GeoComply’s solutions incorporate location, device and identity intelligence along with advanced machine learning to detect and flag fraudulent activity. By integrating GeoComply’s solutions into their processes and risk engines, organizations are able to identify fraud earlier in a user’s engagement, better establish their true digital identity and empower digital trust.


  • Competitive salary package

    We acknowledge the value our incredible team brings to the success, vision and culture at GeoComply. We are committed to providing our employees with a market-competitive salary and performing annual market reviews.

  • Performance-based bonus and equity plans

    As employees of GeoComply, we’re all “owners.” Our unique equity and bonus plans give all team members the opportunity to share in our company’s success.

  • Paid vacation and sick days

    We know our team needs time to be with their family, take a vacation or unplug and recharge. Our generous package ensures our employees have a good work-life balance so that they can come to work feeling like their best self.

  • Extended health benefits

    Health and wellbeing is important to us. All employees are offered access to comprehensive health and wellness programs.

  • Training and development allowance

    We’re committed to supporting our team’s professional learning and development journey. All employees are given a substantial budget for education and training, as well as dedicated work hours for self-study.

  • Charitable initiative

    We care about giving back to the communities in which we live and work. GeoComply supports a broad range of community initiatives through donation matching and employee volunteer activities.