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PhD Research Intern, Generalist Embodied Agents Research - Fall 2024



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  • Santa Clara
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  • You must be pursuing a PhD in CS/Engineering, skilled in prototyping/model training (Python, PyTorch, etc.), experienced in multimodal models or robotics, and have expertise in large-scale ML/AI systems.
  • You will design and implement AI algorithms for humanoid robots, develop large-scale training methods, optimize models, and collaborate on transferring research to products at NVIDIA.


  • What we need to see:
  • Pursuing a PhD degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.
  • Outstanding engineering skills in rapid prototyping and model training frameworks (PyTorch, Jax, Tensorflow, etc.). Python is required; C++ and CUDA proficiencies are a plus.
  • Excellent skills in working with large-scale machine learning/AI systems and compute infrastructure.
  • Experience with at least one of the following areas: multimodal foundation model or robotics.
  • Multimodal Foundation Model:
  • Hands-on training experience and publications in at least one of the following models: LLMs, vision-language models, video generative models, diffusion models, and action-based transformers.
  • Robotics:
  • Hands-on training experience and publications in robot learning, such as reinforcement learning, imitation learning, classical control methods, etc.
  • Deep understanding of robot kinematics, dynamics, and sensors;
  • Ability to safely operate robot hardware, lab equipment, and tools;
  • Knowledge of control methods, such as PID, MPC, whole body control, etc;
  • Familiarity with physics simulation frameworks such as Mujoco and Isaac suite.


  • Design and implement novel AI algorithms and models for general-purpose humanoid robots and embodied agents;
  • Develop large-scale AI training and inference methods for foundation models;
  • Optimize and deploy AI models in physical simulation and on robot hardware;
  • Collaborate with research and engineering teams across all of NVIDIA to transfer research to products and services.


What is the main focus of the Generalist Embodied Agents Research (GEAR) group at NVIDIA?

The main focus of the GEAR group at NVIDIA is to build general-purpose embodied agents that learn to explore and master complex skills across the virtual and physical world.

What will be the primary responsibility of the PhD Research Intern in this role?

The primary responsibility of the PhD Research Intern in this role is to build humanoid robot foundation models and systems within the GEAR group.

What skills or experience are required for this internship position?

For this internship position, a strong background in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or a related field is required. Previous experience with building humanoid robots or embodied agents is a plus.

Can you provide more details about the types of projects the intern will work on?

The intern will work on projects related to building general-purpose embodied agents that can autonomously explore and master complex skills in both virtual and physical environments. This may involve developing algorithms, designing experiments, and implementing solutions for humanoid robot foundation models and systems.

Is this internship focused on theoretical research or practical implementation?

This internship will involve a combination of theoretical research and practical implementation. The intern will be expected to both develop new algorithms and models as well as implement and test them on real or simulated robotic platforms.

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