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  • You need autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, and multitasking skills to manage multiple projects, think at scale, and understand marketing fundamentals. Excellent communication, teamwork, and persuasive abilities are crucial. High proficiency in project management tools and fluency in French and English are also required.
  • You will lead project teams, create project plans, monitor progress, identify risks, facilitate workflow, and ensure high-quality project delivery at EssenceMediacom.


  • Autonomy: ability to learn quickly with minimum instruction
  • Creativity: ability to develop concrete requirements from unclear situations and directions
  • Critical Thinking skills: ability to deduce and "read between the lines".
  • Multi-Tasking: ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining a high level of quality
  • Think at scale: ability to find solutions not only for the situation in question, but also more generally and systematically across the whole team
  • Understanding of marketing and media fundamentals, customer management and team dynamics
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Proven experience in supporting large teams in a fast-paced environment
  • Team spirit willing to put in the work to get the job done
  • Persuasive skills and a successful operational approach in a highly matrixed organization
  • Your Qualifications:
  • Degree in advertising, marketing, business management or communications; OR equivalent professional experience
  • 3 years or more of project management experience, ideally 2 years or more in an agency or with a media publisher
  • Advanced Excel experience preferred
  • At least one year's experience in project management software on a major platform (Asana, Jira, Trello, Wrike, etc.) preferred
  • Ability to communicate concisely and clearly, both orally and in writing, in French and English


  • Project management:
  • Define the scope, objectives and deliverables of each project including the creation of project plans, schedules, and budgets, as well as the determination of project resource requirements.
  • Maintain detailed documentation throughout the project lifecycle, including project plans, progress reports and final products.
  • Oversee the progress of projects to ensure they meet quality standards and customer expectations.
  • Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring that projects stay on track despite unforeseen difficulties.
  • Lead internal weekly meetings, ensuring all points are addressed and next steps are clear
  • Regularly monitor team capabilities and facilitate workflow
  • Establish and monitor processes:
  • Ensure appropriate use of project management tools
  • Ensure that teams receive ongoing training and support in working procedures and tools
  • Regularly evaluate RACI and work procedures to identify efficiencies and propose creative and innovative solutions to potential problems
  • After project completion, conduct post-mortem evaluations to assess performance, identify areas for improvement and draw lessons for future projects


What are the main responsibilities of a Project Manager in this role?

The main responsibilities of a Project Manager in this role include defining project scope, objectives and deliverables, creating project plans, schedules, and budgets, maintaining detailed documentation, overseeing project progress, identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them, leading internal meetings, monitoring team capabilities, and facilitating workflow.

What qualifications are required for the Project Manager position?

Qualifications for the Project Manager position include a degree in advertising, marketing, business management or communications (or equivalent professional experience), at least 3 years of project management experience (ideally in an agency or with a media publisher), advanced Excel experience, familiarity with project management software on major platforms (such as Asana, Jira, Trello, Wrike, etc.), and excellent communication skills in French and English.

What skills are essential for a Project Manager to have in this role?

Essential skills for a Project Manager in this role include autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, multi-tasking abilities, thinking at scale, understanding of marketing and media fundamentals, customer management skills, team dynamics understanding, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, proven experience in supporting large teams, team spirit, persuasive skills, and successful operational approach in a matrixed organization.

We are EssenceMediacom. GroupM’s newest and largest agency, committed to delivering marketing breakthroughs for brands.

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Hello. We are EssenceMediacom. GroupM’s newest and largest agency, committed to delivering marketing breakthroughs for brands. We have disrupted the old models across media, creative, innovation and analytics to find new opportunities for advertisers and deliver truly integrated media solutions. Born out of two pioneering agencies, EssenceMediacom fuses Essence’s performance, data, analytics and creative technology DNA with MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise. Our ‘breakthrough’ ambition is underpinned by our commitment to ‘continuous learning’. We aim to ensure our people fulfil their potential by investing their whole-person wellbeing, careers and capabilities, which in turn helps grow our clients’ businesses. With 10,000 people across 120 offices in 96 markets, we are one of the world’s leading communications specialists with billings of more than US$22 billion (Source: COMvergence, 2022). Our global client roster includes adidas, Coca-Cola (TCCC), Dell, Google, Hasbro, Mars, NBC Universal, P&G, Richemont, Shell, Sony and Uber.