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Sales Development Representative - Seattle



16d ago

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    Entry Level
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Seattle
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  • You need excellent academic results, passion for business/tech, commitment to learning, creative problem-solving, communication skills, and a result-driven, persistent attitude.
  • You will handle customer inquiries, execute sales campaigns, present at events, collaborate with teams, research prospects, generate pipeline, identify market trends, define processes, liaise with customers, and nurture global leads.


  • Excellent academic results at school and university
  • Passion for business and technology
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement - curious, flexible, scientific
  • Creative problem solving and cross team collaboration
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Result driven with an over-achiever spirit
  • Persistence & perseverance


  • Handle inbound customer inquiries across email, phone and chat
  • Execute outbound sales & marketing campaigns
  • Travel to events and conferences worldwide, presenting on booths and driving face-to-face marketing and sales opportunities
  • Collaborate across multiple teams and senior stakeholders to drive results
  • Work directly with marketing on campaigns
  • Research information about prospective customers
  • Generate a multi-million pound pipeline
  • Identify prospects and market trends
  • Help define the processes and policies for the team
  • Liaise with new and existing customers, setting up and attending meetings whilst actively mapping accounts to identify new opportunities
  • Accurately create, update, maintain and nurture leads on global opportunities


What are the key responsibilities of a Sales Development Representative at Canonical?

The key responsibilities of a Sales Development Representative at Canonical include handling inbound customer inquiries, executing outbound sales & marketing campaigns, traveling to events and conferences, collaborating with various teams, researching prospective customers, generating a pipeline, identifying prospects and market trends, helping define team processes, and liaising with customers to identify new opportunities.

What qualifications and traits are required for this role?

Qualifications and traits required for this role include excellent academic results, a passion for business and technology, commitment to continuous learning and improvement, creative problem-solving skills, strong communication skills, result-driven attitude, persistence, and perseverance.

What is the work environment like for a Sales Development Representative at Canonical?

The work environment for a Sales Development Representative at Canonical is fast-paced, collaborative, and dynamic. Team members collaborate with various departments and work on multiple projects simultaneously. There are opportunities for global travel to events and conferences, presenting on booths, and engaging with customers face-to-face.

How does a Sales Development Representative contribute to the growth and success of Canonical?

A Sales Development Representative contributes to the growth and success of Canonical by generating a multi-million pound pipeline, identifying new opportunities, spreading the reputation of Canonical across different industries and geographies, and collaborating with regional sales and marketing teams to drive results. Their efforts help expand the customer base and drive sales for the company.

Enterprise open source, secured and delivered by the publisher of Ubuntu.

Founded Year

Mission & Purpose

Canonical is a technology company known for developing and supporting Ubuntu, a popular open-source operating system. The company focuses on providing reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions for cloud computing, IoT, and containers. By leveraging open-source technologies, Canonical aims to enable innovation and digital transformation for businesses and developers worldwide. The company is committed to ensuring high performance and scalability, promoting the adoption of open-source software, and fostering a global community of users and contributors.


  • Remote working

    Canonical has been a fully distributed organisation since its origin in 2004. Digital collaboration allows us to enjoy our home environment and work with the best in the world in our domain. We meet each other at least twice per year during in-person sprints to nurture cross-team relationships.

  • We build trust

    Zero commute means more time for the things you enjoy. At the same time, we have very high expectations of commitment and independent execution. We invest in people who are self-driven, motivated and highly organised. We take our responsibility for the most critical elements of open infrastructure very seriously, and we are committed to quality in every aspect of our product and services.

  • We engineer excellence

    We aspire to lead on the global stage. There’s no other way to describe it than hard work, hard challenges and hard competition. You will need to show that you can compete in deeply challenging intellectual fields. Your colleagues are aiming for the top, and they depend on you to set the same standard in your area of responsibility. That’s tough but incredibly satisfying. We value those who take ownership of their area and take opportunities to be exceptional.

  • We travel

    We optimise our team structure for time zone overlap. Collaboration and inspiration takes time to fully develop but leadership at Canonical means building cross-team relationships. We nurture those relationships through regular global summits which bring diverse teams or their leaders together. We host these events around the world to discover great places to explore and appreciate in the process. Team events have taken place in Vancouver, Brugge, New York, Budapest, Orlando, Cape Town, Warsaw, Seoul, Paris, Portland, Lyon, London, Toronto and many more.