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Senior Manager, Strategy & Revenue Acceleration



18d ago

  • Job
    Mid & Senior Level
  • Business, Operations & Strategy
  • $144.8K - $199.1K
  • New York City, +1

AI generated summary

  • You need a Bachelor’s, 3-5 years of related experience, knowledge of Retail Media, strategy/project management experience, ability to build/present business cases, drive cross-functional programs. Consulting experience desired. If you can add value, apply!
  • You will manage global retail media strategy, drive cross-functional initiatives, make data-driven decisions, analyze market trends, and support key governance meetings to accelerate growth and profitability goals.


  • Bachelor’s and 3-5 years of related experience. Consulting experience highly desired.
  • Understanding of Retail Media (mandatory).
  • 1-2 years of strategy and/or project/program management experience.
  • Experience building and presenting compelling business cases and strategy presentations.
  • Experience driving cross-functional programs.
  • We acknowledge that many candidates may not meet every single role requirement listed above. If your experience looks a little different from our requirements but you believe that you can still bring value to the role, we’d love to see your application!


  • The Sr. Manager, Global Retail Media Strategy, supports the development and execution of our near- and long-term retail media strategy. The position drives cross-functional program management of prioritized strategic initiatives which accelerate the achievement of growth and profitability goals. The role drives data-driven decisions by developing business cases and strategic evaluations of new opportunities which will feed into roadmap prioritization decisions. Working with partners in Finance and Operations, the role develops a detailed understanding of channel trends, customer trends, and other evaluations that will guide strategic decisions (for example, related to technology roadmap, partnership, and M&A decisions). The role also supports key governance meetings in the practice by coordinating with other stakeholders and developing strategy presentations for Executives. The role deepens our understanding of global market nuances, aids in the identification of best practices and establishes forums/mechanisms for sharing the best practices efficiently and effectively across markets.


What is the primary focus of the Senior Manager, Strategy & Revenue Acceleration role?

The primary focus of this role is to support the development and execution of the retail media strategy to accelerate growth and profitability goals.

What experience is required for this position?

A Bachelor's degree and 3-5 years of related experience, with consulting experience highly desired. Additionally, 1-2 years of strategy and/or project/program management experience is preferred.

What specific skills or knowledge are mandatory for this role?

Understanding of Retail Media is mandatory for this position.

What are some of the responsibilities of the Senior Manager in this role?

Responsibilities include driving cross-functional program management, developing business cases and strategic evaluations, supporting key governance meetings, and deepening understanding of global market nuances.

Is it necessary to meet all the role requirements listed in the job description?

No, while meeting all requirements is preferred, we encourage candidates who believe they can still bring value to the role to apply even if they do not meet every criteria listed.

The future is wide open.

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