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12d ago

  • Job
    Junior & Mid Level
  • Software Engineering
  • Palo Alto
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  • Minimum Requirements :
  • Master’s degree (or its foreign degree equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering (any field), or a related quantitative discipline, and two (2) years of experience in the job offered or in any occupation in a related field.
  • A related technical degree required (Computer Science, Engineering (any field)).
  • Special Skill Requirements :
  • Designing and developing software utilizing high-level, object-oriented programming languages;
  • Gathering and identifying business requirements to develop technical solutions that meet customer and stakeholder expectations;
  • Producing design documents;
  • Writing code;
  • Building code;
  • Writing test cases; and
  • Performing unit and integration testing. Any suitable combination of education, training and/or experience is acceptable.


  • Design and develop innovative software for Tableau’s next-generation Visual Analytics and Collaboration suite.
  • Utilize high-level, object-oriented programming languages in the design and development of software.
  • Analyze and provide detailed feedback on requirements and design documents for major software features.
  • Implement software for Tableau’s server and desktop products using large-scale C++ systems on Windows platforms, as well as Windows technologies, development tools, and web-based technologies.
  • Design and architect software applications and user interfaces, and perform build and release engineering on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Write automated tests, including unit tests and black box tests, using modern scripting languages, including Ruby and Python.
  • Produce design documents, write code, build code, write test cases, and perform unit and integration testing.
  • Work with customers and the Support and Quality Assurance (QA) teams to resolve bugs and technical support issues and improve the software development process by building and deploying tools for the development team, utilizing Agile development methodologies.

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