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Why Huzzle?

Host amazing events, manage your socials, collaborate with other societies and unite your community.
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One platform for everything, no switching platforms and managing multiple accounts
Streamlined member experience, as Huzzle is built especially for Societies
Access 20k Students
Connect with companies for speakers / events
100% Free
Mix of other Softwares
More time effort for your team to maintain different platforms
Worse member experience as not built primarily for Societies
No Student userbase
Can't connect with companies for speakers / events
Sometimes costs money

Frequently asked questions

What is a Huzzle Society Profile?
A Huzzle Society Profile is a dedicated page for your society on the Huzzle platform. It consolidates all information about your society, including your events, socials, links, and other details, into one place. It provides a streamlined member experience and is a central hub for all your society management needs.
How can we create a Society Profile on Huzzle?
Creating a Society Profile on Huzzle is straightforward. Click on 'Get Your Profile Now', fill out the required details about your society, and follow the instructions provided.
What are the benefits of creating a Society Profile on Huzzle?
Creating a Society Profile on Huzzle allows you to manage everything from one platform, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms and manage multiple accounts. It enhances the member experience, helps you connect with a broad student base, and allows your society to collaborate with other societies and companies for events.
How much does it cost to create a Society Profile on Huzzle?
Creating a Society Profile on Huzzle is completely free. Our goal is to empower societies to manage their events and community effectively without any financial burdens.
What kind of URL will our Society Profile on Huzzle have?
You're able to select a custom URL for your Huzzle Society Profile Page, making it easy for members and interested students to find and access your profile.
Can our committee members have separate accounts?
Yes, Huzzle allows for account creation for all your committee members. This makes it easy to distribute tasks and manage your society's activities effectively.
How can we increase our society's reach using Huzzle?
With Huzzle, you gain access to a student userbase of over 30,000 (as of July 2023). By hosting successful events and engaging effectively with this userbase, you can significantly increase your society's reach and impact.
How does Huzzle help in collaborating with other societies and companies?
Huzzle's platform is designed to help societies find speakers, sponsorships, and expand their reach by collaborating with other societies and companies. You can use the platform's features to connect and collaborate effectively.
Can we use Huzzle to manage our events?
Yes, Huzzle offers powerful event creation and management features. You can create events, auto-collect attendee information, and even add automatic reminders to increase your event's attendance rate.

All Features to elevate your Society

Profile page
All your events, socials, links and every detail about your society in one place.
Event Creation & Mangement
As simple as Google Forms, and as powerful as Eventbrite.
Collect Attendee Information
Auto-collect year, degree, CV, course, and more from your attendees.
Automatic reminders
Add automated reminders to increase the attendance rate of your events.
Track subscribers
Watch your subscribers grow, and export them to csv.
Companies & Societies
Find speakers & sponsorship. Expand your reach by collaborating with other Societies.

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Accounts for all your committee members
Host successful events, 10x simpler
Gain free reach of over 20k Students
Collaborate with other societies
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