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We are 100% driven by purpose. For our vision, we need the brightest people in the world. That's why, if you're on our team, you always come first.

Huzzle Team Ingmar Klein Amit Choudhary Parham Rakhshanfar

Here's how we
got started:

What a journey it has been. Let's go to the beginning. Strap in.

February 2020
The inspiration:
London Startup Fair 2020
Parham (in his sleek suit) organized it and represented Ingmar's prior company at the booth. Ingmar, who studied in Switzerland, was busy with exams at that time.
Huzzle Story Parham
Ingmar Klein Avatar

“We got 100+ extremely talented students wanting to work for us. It was difficult We just didn't have enough projects at that time to hire them."

Ingmar, Co-founder and CEO of Huzzle

October 2020
The Whiteboard moment:
Back at University, Ingmar spent his nights in the "Makerspace". It had a big whiteboard, so he liked it. In one night, it *clicked*. And the first version of the idea was born.
Huzzle Story Whiteboard St. Gallen

“I was extremely inspired by people like Julian Teicke or Valentin Stalf - St. Gallen Alumnis who built truly impactful companies. I worked with Julian and his energy ignited something in me. I knew it was time. If not now, when?"

Ingmar, Co-founder and CEO of Huzzle

Parham joins
The crew comes together:
Ingmar knew that it comes down to how you execute on an idea. And he knew Parham has amazing skills the company needed.
So, he pitched him. And Parham said yes! 🙌

Here's the first, original pitch of Huzzle. Back then, we wanted to create a WebApp that aggregates the coolest events and feeds them in your personal career calendar.

Huzzle Story First Pitch Ingmar Klein
Parham Avatar

“At the time I was researching biases and inefficiencies in recruitment cycles and how to address them as a part of my degree, so the idea instantly sparked my interest."

Parham, Co-founder and COO of Huzzle

Amit joins
We knew:Everything would fly or fall with the developer we'd get on board. Ingmar posted a role on LinkedIn. 50+ applications. The 2nd interview was with Amit. Love at first sight.
Amit Avatar

“I could relate to the idea. When I was a student, I had the same problems, and I though: hmm... He might be onto something here."

Amit, Co-founder and CTO of Huzzle

The Kickoff: 
January 2021
The Founders are assembled.We were ready to go hard on Google Docs, Figma screens and Github spaces. Deep focus, 3 months straight.
Ingmar Parham Amit Team Huzzle Story
April 2021
🚀 The MVP launches
After months of hard work and too much screen time, the first version of Huzzle went live.

We launched the MVP at UCL and St. Gallen. The point was to get something into the water as soon as possible and learn from our users.

May 2021
Iteration, Iteration, Iteration
"Dear market: how much feedback do you have for us?" 

The Market: "Yes."
Huzzle Story WhatsApp Ingmar

“It was crazy. So many people wanted to contribute directly. We were extremely grateful.”

Ingmar, Co-founder and CEO of Huzzle

June 2021
Y - CombinatorWe progressed to YC's interview stage, and got excited like children. When we got rejected however, we weren't so disappointed.

“YC triggered a thorough re-thinking of some of our core concepts. After our rejection, we entered a mode of cleaning up with all the hundreds of ideas we had. Mercilessly, we killed them, and stuck to one, and only one key principle. It felt like a big relief."

Amit, Co-founder and CTO of Huzzle

July 2021
💸 250K pre-seed Round!
10X Founders invests into Huzzle!
They felt like the European YC us. Seriously, they understood what we're trying to do - in minutes. We were impressed.
August 2021
Hiring, hiring, hiring
We onboarded 2 new Web Devs,
1 App Dev and 1 UX Designer.

...aaaaand Yasin joined us!
Yasin Huzzle
September 2021
🚀 the 2nd big launch
Londons' Freshers Fairs:
Nostalgia is in the air.
Parham and Ingmar travelled to London and got as close to their users as they could get.
Ingmar Parham Huzzle London

“It was a blast and it was exhausting at the same time. We were in the field, standing next to students. Getting so close to our users turned out to be one of the best things we've done."

Parham, Co-Founder & COO of Huzzle

October 2021
Back to work.
And oh boy was there work.
We focused on user feedback, again. And in the process, we've built a highly efficient product team. Something we benefit immensely from today.

“Our devs moved closer to business, and business moved closer to product. Everyone was involved. Our whole company was centered around product, and it is still today."

Ingmar, Co-Founder & CEO of Huzzle

November 2021
Key Hire: New UX Designer
We hired a person who's so key, we can only reveal his identity low-key.
February 2022
Istanbul: The first Strategy Retreat!
Overdosing on Whiteboards, laughter & Shisha. Fulfilled times.
Huzzle Team Istanbul Retreat
March 2022
🚀 Release of version 4!
The launch of Version 4This is big for us. We've worked hard for this milestone. Slowly, we're getting the hang out of this market. Retention go brrr. 👀

“Version 4 is a huge milestone for us. We've worked months, incorporating everything our users told us since we launched the MVP."

Parham, Co-Founder & COO of Huzzle

To be continued...
Today, Huzzle is a team of 14 people with the same mission in life - To wake up every day with clear eyes and a full heart, to build a truly big organization, with a significant,
positive impact on society.

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