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" Huzzle helped us attract diverse candidates to our Hackathon that we weren‘t able to reach before. It was the first time a European team won! "
"Huzzle generated 50+ qualified applications. 95% were from the top 3 universities in the UK, 38% female candidates, and 84% had diverse backgrounds."
"Huzzle coordinated multiple Student Societies to organize a virtual EY Career Lunch. Over 50 students attended, all with their cameras turned on!"
Societies on Huzzle

Find & Partner with 500+ employability-focused Student Societies across the UK!

KCL Tech, UCL Women's Engineering, Birmingham Economics, Oxford Finance, LSE Entrepreneurs, Edinburgh Women in STEM... all the important career-related organisations are on Huzzle!
Connect with and message Societies
Plan & run events
Send roles & events to their members

Reach the right Talents, at Scale

Search & filter Huzzle's talentbase, and reach out to candidates who specifically match your hiring criteria.
Filter by university, course, graduation date, and 5+ more filters
Pick your roles and distribute them to your selected audience

Access an Exclusive Community of 30,000+ UK Graduates

Gain a competitive edge by tapping into our exclusive talent pool of the UKs most talented Students.
42% of users are actively looking for graduate jobs

Showcase your Employer's Brand authentically

Convince Talents by showcasing what you stand for, why you stand for it, and let your employees speak for themselves.
Show Your Benefits
Articlulate your Mission & Purpose
Add Employees to represent your company
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Frequently asked Questions:

Please contact us for pricing information

You can reach us at ingmar@huzzle.app or simply by submitting a form on this page. If we're confident that Huzzle can significantly complement your graduate recruitment strategy, we are happy to offer you a free trial to test out the platform for five weeks.

On Huzzle you can win High Achievers in authentic ways

Talents involved in Student Organisations / Societies are 18% more career ready and 3X more hireable. On Huzzle, you can reach them through their favourite communities. Furthermore, you can target talent in a more meaningful way, and authentically place your EVP and brand.
Talent is 18% more career ready, and 3X more hireable
Better Targeting Options
Reach across 149 UK universities
Organic & authentic placements of your EVP

Search, filter, and reach out!

As of now, there are 200+ active Student Societies on Huzzle. Once you're onboard, you can access more information about them, and message them to set up events or promote your roles. You're also able to view upcomig events posted by societies to jump in and participate!

Contact us, and we'll set up your account in <48h

Simply submit a form on this website or contact us at ingmar@huzzle.app, and we will reach out to you within 24h to set up an introductory call. If it's a fit, we can get your account up and running within 48h.


To request more case studies, please email us at: ingmar@huzzle.app, or just mention it during our call.

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Fraud protection, zero liability.
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Cards for your whole team.
Cards for your whole team.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
No personal guarantee
Cards for your whole team.
Cards for your whole team.