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Host amazing events, manage your socials, collaborate with other societies and unite your community.
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One platform your whole Society runs on

Huzzle is built for your whole team - from Events to Marketing to Partnerships.

All your Events,
in one place

As simple as Google Forms, and as powerful as Eventbrite
Integrate with Instagram, FB & LinkedIn
Post to multiple platforms at once
Send bulk messages to all your attendees

Reach over 20K Students

Huzzle distributes your events not only to your subscribers - but also to students who might be interested in them.
Huzzle matches your events to potentially interested students
20k students on the platform as of now
Get reach for high quality events - no matter how big your society

Connect with Vetted Companies

Send 100s of cold emails. Connect with interested companies for speakers & sponsors.
Connect with curated companies
Find speakers & sponsors
Get inbound event requests

It's never been easier to create events. "Saves us so much time!"

Manage Invoices
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Track expenses
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Send & get payments
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Analyze cashflow
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.

A profile page that converts

All your events, socials, links and every detail about your society in one place - create a better experience for your members
Students subscribe to your mailing list
All info in one place
Personal QR code for events

Where registered means attending.

Without Huzzle200 registered → 50 attend
With Huzzle: 200 registered → 150 attend
Automated email reminders 1 day and a few hours before the event
Automated email updates when you add the location details or meeting link for the event
Ability to send bulk announcements to all attendees through messages

Watch your subscribers grow

Convert your attendees to subscribers. Keep them engaged through Huzzle so they return for your next event.
Subscribers get notified automatically as soon as you post a new event
Export subscribers to csv

Home to some of the best Societies

Some of UK's most professional Student Societies are already using Huzzle.

What Societies say about Huzzle 🫶

"Huzzle is fantastic!"
"The event went splendidly!"
"We've been really loving it!!"

Why Huzzle?

One platform for everything, no switching platforms and managing multiple accounts
Streamlined member experience, as Huzzle is built especially for Societies
Access 20k Students
Connect with companies for speakers / events
100% Free
Mix of other Softwares
More time effort for your team to maintain different platforms
Worse member experience as not built primarily for Societies
No Student userbase
Can't connect with companies for speakers / events
Sometimes costs money

All Features to elevate your Society

Profile page
All your events, socials, links and every detail about your society in one place.
Event Creation & Mangement
As simple as Google Forms, and as powerful as Eventbrite.
Collect Attendee Information
Auto-collect year, degree, CV, course, and more from your attendees.
Automatic reminders
Add automated reminders to increase the attendance rate of your events.
Track subscribers
Watch your subscribers grow, and export them to csv.
Companies & Societies
Find speakers & sponsorship. Expand your reach by collaborating with other Societies.
Ingmar, Co-founder and CEO of HuzzleParham, Co-founder and COO of Huzzle

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Frequently asked questions

What is Huzzle for Societies?
Think of it as Eventbrite, Google Forms, and Linktree in one, specifically tailored towards student organisations. Huzzle for Societies is a comprehensive platform designed to help student societies manage their events, members, and company partnerships, all in one place. From creating and managing events to tracking subscribers, Huzzle makes society management easier, more efficient, and way more fun!
How does the Huzzle platform aid in event management?
With Huzzle, you can manage all your society events in one place. The platform allows you to publish multiple events and send bulk messages to all your attendees. Huzzle also offers automatic reminders and updates to increase your event's attendance rate.
Can Huzzle help grow our society's subscribers?
Yes, Huzzle can help convert your event attendees into subscribers. With Huzzle, your subscribers will be notified automatically as soon as you post a new event. You can also easily export your subscriber list to a CSV file.
How can Huzzle improve our society's profile presence?
Huzzle allows you to host all your events, socials, links, and every detail about your society in one place. This comprehensive and organized profile page creates a better experience for your members and converts more visitors into subscribers and event attendees.
How can we use Huzzle to collaborate with other societies or find speakers and sponsors?
Huzzle provides a unique feature that allows you to find and connect with other societies for collaborations. You can also reach out to companies for speakers or event sponsorships through our platform.
What are the costs associated with using Huzzle for Societies?
Huzzle is 100% free for Societies, and will stay that way. Our mission is to empower student societies to host amazing events, manage their corporate relationships, and unite their community without any financial burdens.
How can we create an account for our society with Huzzle?
To create a Huzzle account for your society, visit our website and click on 'Claim Your Profile'. Fill in the requested information about your society and follow the instructions to set up your profile.
Can we ask custom questions to our event attendees when signing up?
Yes, with Huzzle, you can auto-collect a variety of information from your attendees, such as year, degree, CV, course, and ask any other custom questions. Short Answer, Paragraph, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Yes / No, Numeric... we have all them all!
Can we use Huzzle if our student organisation is based outside of the UK?
Yes! While Huzzle primarily serves UK-based societies for now, we are already welcoming student organisations from around the world to use our platform for managing their events and community.
Which societies are already using Huzzle?
Huzzle is actively used by 200+ societies as of August 2023. Among those are KCL Tech, Oxford Finance, Birmingham Economics, University of Brown Consulting Club, UCL Women in Engineering, LSE AIC, and many more. You can view an updated list of them here.

The Crucial Role of Student Societies in Career Development

At Huzzle, we believe in student societies. They offer more than just academic excellence – they're a golden opportunity for students to explore their passions and pave the way to a fulfilling career. Student societies play a crucial role in career development, providing a wealth of benefits that boost job decision effectiveness and overall satisfaction.

Let's break down their impact in three essential ways:

  1. Career Exploration: Student societies open doors to diverse interests and professions, going beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines. Workshops, seminars, and industry events expose students to various careers, giving them valuable insights and hands-on experience. This exposure ignites curiosity and helps students make informed decisions about their future careers.
  2. Career Goal Development: In these societies, students connect with like-minded peers who share their dreams and passions. Collaborating with such individuals sparks ambition and nurtures a vision for the future. With mentoring programs and networking events, students get in touch with experienced professionals, inspiring them to set clear and purpose-driven career goals.
  3. Career Strategy Implementation: Active involvement in student societies offers real-world experience that goes beyond textbooks. Leading teams, organising events, and managing projects build essential soft skills like leadership, communication, and time management. These practical skills are highly sought after by employers, boosting students' confidence and competence in implementing effective career strategies.

Model by Qingxiong Derek Weng and James C. Mcelroy

Research by Qingxiong Derek Weng and James C. Mcelroy shows that the combination of career exploration, goal development, and strategy implementation through student societies leads to better job decision effectiveness. With a clearer vision of their aspirations, interests, and capabilities, students can make well-informed choices about their career paths, leading to increased job satisfaction.

Moreover, student societies foster adaptability and resilience, empowering students to navigate the job market confidently. When students align their career choices with their true passions, they're more likely to find roles that resonate with their intrinsic motivations, resulting in long-term job satisfaction and fulfilment.

In a nutshell, student societies are catalysts that elevate career development.

They enable students to explore, develop ambitious goals, and implement effective strategies for their professional journeys. By immersing themselves in these vibrant communities, students can discover their passions and chart a purposeful and rewarding future.

If you're a student ready to take charge of your career, don't miss out on the opportunities offered by student societies. Explore over 200 societies on Huzzle, join these vibrant communities, and set yourself on a course towards a fulfilling and purposeful future.