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Introducing: Women and Law Exeter

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Charlie Mart
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Hello, future legal eagles and Exeter students! Are you ready to amplify your legal career, network with inspiring women in law, and celebrate diversity in the legal field? Look no further than Women & Law Exeter—the society that combines career-focused support with unforgettable events. Intrigued? Let’s explore further! 🌟

Notable Achievements, Stats, or Awards

Let’s start by showcasing our achievements and impact:

  • 1k+ Instagram Followers: Our growing community is a testament to the value we offer.
  • NSVA Development Award Winner: We don't just follow trends; we set them!
  • Opportunities for All Award: Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity is recognized.

Exciting Events in 2023/2024

Get ready for a calendar filled with events that celebrate and empower women in the legal field:

  • Fresher’s Week Socials: Kickstart your legal journey with a picnic and welcome drinks.
  • Winter Ball: A night of glamour, connections, and celebration.
  • International Women's Day Event: Empowering discussions and insights to mark this important day.

Why Women & Law Exeter is Your Must-Join

Still on the fence? Here’s why you should become a part of our dynamic community:

  • Career-Centric Support: From application advice to insightful events and mentorship, we have your legal career covered.

Our Vision and Huzzle's Role

What’s our grand vision?

  • Making Law Accessible: We aim to make the legal industry more accessible to women through our events, collaborations, and sponsorships.
  • Huzzle-Powered Networking: Huzzle is our tool of choice to connect with organizations and professionals that share our vision and goals.

The Final Verdict

Women & Law Exeter is not just a society; it's a movement—a platform to empower, network, and thrive in the world of law. From career support to events that celebrate women in law, we've got it all.

Ready to embark on a journey that celebrates diversity and empowers your legal career? Join us and make the 2023/2024 academic year one to remember! 💼🌟👩‍⚖️

Charlie Mart
Aspiring business leader driven to change the world through tech⚡️ The late Steve Jobs once said 'the only way to do great work is to love what you do'. Following these wise words, I am currently focused on growing Huzzle so every student can find their dream graduate job 💚
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