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Securing a Graduate Job at Savills: Tips and Advice

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If you're a UK student looking to kickstart your career in the real estate industry, securing a graduate job at Savills can be an excellent opportunity. As one of the leading global real estate services providers, Savills offers a range of job opportunities in various business areas. However, the competition for these roles can be fierce, so it's crucial to prepare yourself for the application process and interviews to increase your chances of success.

Understanding Savills as a Company

Before diving into the application process, it's essential to have a solid understanding of Savills as a company. Founded in 1855, Savills has a rich history and has evolved into a global brand with a presence in over 70 countries. As a company, Savills prides itself on its core values, which include integrity, collaboration, and professionalism. The company's culture is known for being dynamic and supportive, providing graduates with an environment to grow and thrive.

When George Savill established Savills in London, little did he know that he was laying the foundation for a company that would become a major player in the real estate market. Over the years, Savills has expanded both organically and through strategic acquisitions, solidifying its position as a top player in the industry. The company's growth has been driven by its commitment to providing exceptional service and staying ahead of market trends.

Integrity, collaboration, and professionalism are at the heart of Savills' core values. These values guide every aspect of the company's operations, from client interactions to employee relationships. Savills fosters a collaborative and inclusive culture, encouraging employees to work together and share their expertise to deliver exceptional results. The company believes that by working as a team, they can achieve more and provide the best possible service to their clients.

Key Job Opportunities for Graduates at Savills

Savills- Job Opportunities for Graduates

Some of the key job opportunities for graduates at Savills include:

  • Graduate Surveyor: As a graduate surveyor, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, conducting property inspections, valuations, and market research. You will work closely with senior surveyors and gain valuable hands-on experience in the field.
  • Graduate Sales Negotiator: To get a graduate in sales role, you will be responsible for assisting clients in buying or selling properties. You will conduct property viewings, negotiate offers, and provide expert advice to ensure a smooth transaction process.
  • Graduate Valuer: As a graduate valuer, you will play a crucial role in determining the market value of properties. You will conduct property inspections, analyze market data, and prepare valuation reports for clients.
  • Graduate Analyst: In this role, you will be responsible for analyzing market trends, conducting feasibility studies, and providing insights to support decision-making. You will work closely with senior analysts and gain valuable experience in data analysis and research.

At Savills, they believe in investing in their employees' professional development. The company offers comprehensive training programs and mentorship opportunities to help graduates build their skills and progress in their careers. With a global network of professionals, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Joining Savills means becoming part of a company with a strong reputation and a commitment to excellence. With its rich history, core values, and diverse range of job opportunities, Savills offers graduates a platform to launch their careers in the real estate industry.

The Application Process at Savills

Now that you have a clear understanding of Savills' background, it's time to dive into the application process. As with any desirable graduate position, the application process at Savills consists of several stages designed to assess your skills, competencies, and suitability for the role.

Overview of the Application Stages

The application process typically begins with submitting an online application form. This form will ask for your personal details, education history, and work experience. It's essential to fill out this form accurately and provide relevant information that showcases your skills and passion for a career in real estate.

If your application is successful, you may be invited to complete online assessments, which could include numerical reasoning tests, situational judgment tests, and personality questionnaires. These assessments help evaluate your abilities and fit within the company culture.

Next, successful candidates are usually invited to attend an assessment center. The assessment center is a full-day event where you will participate in a range of activities, such as group exercises, presentations, and interviews. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your teamworking skills, problem-solving ability, and communication skills.

Tips for a Successful Application

Here are some tips to help you maximize your chances of success during the application process:

  • Research the company thoroughly and demonstrate your knowledge in your application.
  • Showcase any relevant work experience or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your passion for real estate.
  • Tailor your application to the specific role and business area you are applying for.
  • Prepare for the online assessments by practicing numerical reasoning and situational judgment tests.
  • Understand the assessment center, actively contribute to group exercises and showcase your ability to work collaboratively.
  • Prepare answers to common interview questions and practice them with a friend or mentor.

Additionally, it's important to highlight your motivation and dedication to the real estate industry. Savills values individuals who are passionate about their work and have a genuine interest in the field. By demonstrating your enthusiasm and knowledge, you can set yourself apart from other applicants.

Remember to be concise and clear in your application. Avoid using jargon or overly technical language that may confuse the reader. Instead, focus on presenting your qualifications and experiences in a way that is easy to understand and showcases your suitability for the role.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Application

While it's essential to focus on what you should do, it's equally important to be aware of common mistakes to avoid in your application:

  • Submitting a generic application that does not highlight your interest in Savills or the specific role.
  • Having spelling and grammar mistakes in your application, as this can negatively impact your credibility.
  • Being unprepared for the online assessments, which can limit your performance.
  • Not showcasing your teamwork and communication skills during the assessment center activities.
  • Not researching the company thoroughly, leading to inadequate knowledge about Savills' core values and culture.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your application stands out and increases your chances of success in the application process.

Preparing for Savills' Interviews and Assessments

Savills- Interview and assessment tips

When preparing for Savills' interviews and assessments, it's important to go beyond just understanding the basic structure. You should also familiarize yourself with the company's history, values, and culture. This will not only help you answer questions more effectively but also demonstrate your genuine interest in the organization.

Savills' interviews usually take the form of behavioral and competency-based interviews. This means you can expect questions that assess your past experiences and how you demonstrated certain competencies, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. To avoid common job interview mistakes, it's essential to prepare specific examples from your previous experiences that highlight these competencies.

One way to prepare for behavioral and competency-based interviews is by using the STAR method. This method involves structuring your answers by describing the Situation, Task, Action, and Result of a particular experience. By using this method, you can provide clear and concise answers that showcase your skills and abilities.

Preparing for Assessment Centre Challenges

The assessment center challenges often involve team exercises, individual presentations, and sometimes role plays. To prepare, familiarize yourself with Savills' core values and the skills they value in potential employees. Practice working effectively in teams, presenting confidently, and staying calm under pressure.

During team exercises, it's important to strike a balance between being a team player and showcasing your individual strengths. Actively listen to others, contribute your ideas, and demonstrate your ability to collaborate effectively. Remember, Savills values teamwork and collaboration, so make sure to highlight these skills during the assessment center challenges.

When it comes to individual presentations, make sure to thoroughly research the topic and organize your thoughts in a clear and structured manner. Practice delivering your presentation confidently and engagingly, keeping in mind the key messages you want to convey. Utilize visual aids, such as slides or handouts, to enhance your presentation and make it more memorable.

Essential Skills and Qualities Savills Looks For

As you prepare for the interviews and assessments, it's important to keep in mind the essential skills and qualities that Savills looks for in potential graduates. These include:

  • Strong communication skills: Savills values candidates who can effectively communicate their ideas and build relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Problem-solving abilities: Savills seeks individuals who can think critically and find innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Adaptability and resilience: Given Savills' dynamic and ever-changing environment, the ability to adapt to new situations and bounce back from challenges is highly valued.
  • Commercial awareness: Understanding the market and having a keen eye for business opportunities is essential for success at Savills.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Savills fosters a collaborative work culture, so the ability to work well in teams and contribute effectively is crucial.
  • Drive and motivation: Savills looks for candidates who are ambitious, motivated, and eager to take on new challenges.

By demonstrating these skills and qualities during the interviews and assessments, you'll increase your chances of standing out as a strong candidate for a role at Savills. Remember to showcase your unique experiences and how they align with Savills' values and expectations.

Making the Most of Your Role at Savills

Long-term Career at Savills

Once you've successfully secured a graduate job at Savills, it's time to make the most of your role and embark on a rewarding career journey. Here are some tips for navigating your first few weeks at Savills and building a successful career path:

Navigating Your First Few Weeks at Savills

During your first few weeks at Savills, it's important to focus on learning and absorbing as much as you can. Engage with your team members, ask questions, and familiarize yourself with the company's processes and procedures. This is a crucial time to establish a solid foundation and gain a deep understanding of how Savills operates.

Furthermore, take advantage of any training opportunities or mentorship programs offered by Savills to enhance your skills and knowledge. These programs are designed to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to excel in your role. By actively participating in these initiatives, you can accelerate your learning curve and quickly adapt to the company's culture and expectations.

Additionally, consider shadowing senior colleagues or more experienced team members. Observing their work and seeking their advice can provide valuable insights and help you navigate the complexities of your role more effectively. Remember, everyone at Savills was once in your position, and they understand the challenges and opportunities that come with starting a new job.

Building a Successful Career Path at Savills

As you settle into your role, it's essential to have a clear vision of your career path at Savills. Seek guidance from senior colleagues and managers to understand the possibilities for progression within the company. They can provide valuable insights into the different career paths available and the skills and experiences required to advance.

Take ownership of your professional development by actively seeking out new challenges and opportunities to grow your skills and expertise. This may involve taking on additional responsibilities, volunteering for projects outside your comfort zone, or pursuing further education or certifications. By continuously expanding your knowledge and skill set, you position yourself for future opportunities and demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional growth.

Regularly review your goals and achievements, and communicate your aspirations to your superiors to ensure your career progression aligns with your ambitions. Engage in open and honest conversations about your career goals, and seek feedback on your performance to identify areas for improvement. This proactive approach demonstrates your dedication and commitment to your role and can help you establish a strong rapport with your superiors.

Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

Savills offers numerous networking and professional development opportunities for its employees. Engage with these opportunities to expand your professional network and learn from experienced professionals in the industry. Attend industry events, seminars, and conferences, and consider joining professional organizations or affiliations to further enhance your skills and industry knowledge.

Networking is a powerful tool for career growth, as it allows you to connect with individuals who can offer valuable insights, advice, and potential career opportunities. Actively participate in networking events organized by Savills or industry associations to build relationships with colleagues, clients, and industry leaders. These connections can provide mentorship, open doors to new opportunities, and help you stay updated on industry trends and developments.

Furthermore, take advantage of any professional development programs offered by Savills. These programs may include workshops, webinars, or training sessions designed to enhance specific skills or knowledge areas. By continuously investing in your professional development, you demonstrate your commitment to growth and improvement, which can positively impact your career trajectory at Savills.

Recap of Key Tips and Advice

- Tailor your application to the specific role and business area at Savills

- Practice for the online assessments, including numerical reasoning and situational judgment tests

- Showcase your teamwork and communication skills during the assessment center activities

- Research Savills thoroughly to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the company

- Prepare specific examples that highlight your problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership abilities for the interview

- Stay motivated and proactive in your professional development to build a successful career at Savills

Useful Resources for Further Reading

If you're eager to learn more about securing a graduate job at Savills, here are some useful resources to explore:

  • Savills Careers Website: Visit the official Savills careers website to learn more about available job opportunities, employee testimonials, and the company's values and culture.
  • Career Fairs and Events: Attend career fairs and events specifically focused on the real estate industry to network with professionals and gain insights into potential job opportunities.
  • Real Estate Industry Publications: Stay up to date with the latest trends, news, and insights in the real estate industry by reading industry publications such as Property Week.
  • LinkedIn: Connect with Savills employees, alumni, and other professionals in the industry on LinkedIn. Engage in industry-related discussions and seek advice from those who have already secured positions at Savills.

Bottom Line

To ensure you don't miss out on any graduate opportunities at Savills, make sure to regularly check their careers website, set up job alerts, and follow their social media platforms for updates on new roles and application deadlines.

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