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Securing an Internship at Reed Smith: Tips and Strategies

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Are you a law student in the UK looking to kickstart your legal career? Securing an internship at a prestigious firm like Reed Smith can be a game-changer. With their reputation as one of the top law firms in the country, an internship at Reed Smith can open doors to a world of opportunities. In this article, we will guide you through the process of securing an internship at Reed Smith, offering valuable tips and strategies to help you stand out from the competition.

Understanding the Importance of Internships at Reed Smith

Internships play a vital role in shaping your legal career, and Reed Smith understands this well. As a law student, gaining practical experience in a professional environment is essential to complement your theoretical knowledge. Reed Smith offers internships that provide hands-on experience, allowing you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-life legal scenarios.

But what exactly is the importance of internships in your legal career? Let's delve deeper into this topic.

The Role of Internships in Your Legal Career

Internships provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the legal profession. At Reed Smith, you can work alongside experienced lawyers and professionals who will mentor and guide you throughout your internship. This exposure will help you develop crucial skills, build your network, and enhance your understanding of the day-to-day operations of a law firm.

During your internship at Reed Smith, you will have the chance to witness firsthand how legal strategies are developed, how cases are researched and prepared, and how negotiations are conducted. This practical experience will not only deepen your understanding of the law but also give you a taste of what it's like to work in a fast-paced and dynamic legal environment.

Moreover, internships offer you the opportunity to explore different practice areas within the legal field. Reed Smith, with its wide range of practice areas, allows you to gain exposure to various aspects of law. Whether you are interested in corporate law, intellectual property, or litigation, Reed Smith has the resources and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive internship experience tailored to your interests.

Why Choose Reed Smith for Your Internship?

Reed Smith has a stellar reputation in the legal industry and offers a wide range of practice areas for you to explore. Their commitment to supporting and nurturing talent makes them an ideal choice for aspiring lawyers. By interning at Reed Smith, you will have the opportunity to work on high-profile cases, collaborate with top legal minds, and gain exposure to international clients, making your internship experience truly invaluable.

At Reed Smith, you will be part of a team that is dedicated to excellence and client service. The firm's global presence allows you to work on complex and cross-border matters, providing you with a unique perspective on the legal profession. Whether you are assisting in drafting legal documents, conducting legal research, or attending client meetings, your contributions as an intern at Reed Smith will be meaningful and impactful.

Furthermore, Reed Smith's commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that you will be working in an environment that values different perspectives and experiences. This inclusive culture fosters collaboration and innovation, allowing you to thrive and grow as a legal professional.

In conclusion, internships at Reed Smith are not just about gaining practical experience; they are about immersing yourself in the legal profession, expanding your knowledge, and building a foundation for a successful legal career. So why wait? Apply for an internship at Reed Smith today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding future in law.

Preparing Your Application for Reed Smith

Your application is your gateway to securing an internship at Reed Smith. To make a strong impression, you need to ensure that your application is polished and highlights your unique attributes.

Reed Smith, a global law firm with a rich history and a commitment to excellence, offers a highly competitive internship program that attracts top talent from around the world. As you embark on the application process, it is important to understand what sets Reed Smith apart and how you can position yourself as an ideal candidate.

Crafting an Impressive Resume

Your resume should provide a concise overview of your academic achievements, relevant work experience, and extracurricular activities. However, it is not just about listing your accomplishments; it is about showcasing how these experiences have shaped you as a future legal professional.

Reed Smith values interns who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the legal field. Highlight any legal research projects, volunteer work, or part-time jobs that have allowed you to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical setting. By emphasizing your hands-on experience, you can demonstrate your ability to navigate complex legal issues and contribute meaningfully to the firm.

Writing a Compelling Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to go beyond your resume and demonstrate your passion for Reed Smith and your genuine interest in interning with them. Take the time to research the firm thoroughly and understand its core values, practice areas, and recent achievements.

When writing your cover letter, highlight specific reasons why you believe Reed Smith is the right fit for you. Perhaps you are drawn to their commitment to diversity and inclusion or their innovative approach to legal technology. Whatever the reasons may be, make sure to articulate them clearly and convincingly.

Additionally, showcase how your skills align with Reed Smith's values and needs. Emphasize your strong research and analytical skills, as well as your excellent written and verbal communication abilities. These are essential qualities that Reed Smith looks for in its interns, as they are crucial for success in the legal profession.

Essential Skills and Qualifications for Reed Smith Interns

Reed Smith seeks interns who possess a range of skills and qualifications that are essential for thriving in a fast-paced and dynamic legal environment. While academic achievements are important, the firm also values qualities that go beyond the classroom.

Strong research and analytical skills are fundamental for any legal professional, and Reed Smith is no exception. The ability to gather and synthesize information, think critically, and identify key legal issues is crucial for success in the firm's diverse practice areas.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are equally important. As an intern at Reed Smith, you will be expected to draft legal documents, communicate with clients, and collaborate with colleagues. Your ability to articulate complex legal concepts clearly and concisely will be highly valued.

Attention to detail and the ability to handle confidential information are also essential qualities for Reed Smith interns. The firm deals with sensitive and confidential matters, and interns must demonstrate professionalism and discretion in their work.

Teamwork and collaboration skills are highly valued at Reed Smith, as the firm believes that the best results are achieved through collective effort. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced attorneys and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Your ability to contribute effectively to a team and build strong working relationships will be key to your success.

Lastly, Reed Smith values interns who show initiative and a proactive approach to work. The legal profession is constantly evolving, and interns who are adaptable, resourceful, and eager to learn will thrive in this dynamic environment.

By showcasing these essential skills and qualifications in your application, you can position yourself as an ideal candidate for an internship at Reed Smith. Good luck!

Navigating the Interview Process at Reed Smith

Once your application impresses the Reed Smith recruitment team, you will be invited for an interview. The interview is your opportunity to showcase your personality, skills, and enthusiasm for the role.

During the interview, you will have the chance to delve deeper into your qualifications and experiences. Be prepared to answer questions about your past experiences, your career goals, and your understanding of Reed Smith's values and culture. This is your chance to demonstrate your awareness of current legal trends and showcase your ability to think critically and solve problems.

Reed Smith values candidates who can think on their feet and provide thoughtful responses. It's important to come prepared with examples from your past experiences that highlight your skills and abilities. Whether it's a challenging project you completed during your studies or a successful outcome you achieved in a previous internship, be ready to share specific details that demonstrate your capabilities.

Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

When preparing for your interview, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with common interview questions and practice your responses. Some questions you may encounter include:

  • "Tell me about yourself."
  • "Why are you interested in interning at Reed Smith?"
  • "How do you handle working under pressure?"
  • "Can you provide an example of a time when you faced a difficult challenge and how you overcame it?"
  • "What do you know about Reed Smith's practice areas?"

When answering these questions, it's important to be concise, yet thorough. Take the time to think about your responses and provide specific examples that highlight your skills and experiences. This will demonstrate your ability to connect your past experiences to the internship opportunity at Reed Smith.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

In today's digital age, virtual interviews have become increasingly common. Whether you're interviewing from the comfort of your own home or a designated space, it's important to be prepared and make a positive impression. Here are some tips for a successful virtual interview:

  • Familiarize yourself with the technology: Test your audio and video settings prior to the interview to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection: A strong and stable internet connection is crucial for a smooth virtual interview. Consider using a wired connection if possible.
  • Dress professionally: Just because you're interviewing from home doesn't mean you should dress casually. Dress as you would for an in-person interview to show your professionalism.
  • Maintain eye contact: Look directly into the camera to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. This will help create a sense of connection and engagement.
  • Be conscious of your body language: Even though you're not physically present, your body language still matters. Sit up straight, maintain good posture, and use hand gestures appropriately.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your virtual interview goes smoothly and leaves a positive impression on the interviewers.

Post-Interview Follow-Up: Do's and Don'ts

After the interview, it's important to follow up with a thank-you email to the interviewers. This simple gesture can leave a lasting impression and show your professionalism and enthusiasm for the opportunity. Here are some do's and don'ts for your post-interview follow-up:

  • Do express your gratitude: Thank the interviewers for their time and the opportunity to interview for the internship position at Reed Smith.
  • Do reiterate your interest: Use the thank-you email as an opportunity to reiterate your interest in interning at Reed Smith and highlight why you believe you would be a valuable addition to the team.
  • Don't be generic: Avoid sending a generic thank-you email. Personalize your message by referencing specific points from the interview or any meaningful connections you made during the conversation.
  • Don't be pushy: While it's important to express your interest, avoid being pushy or demanding a decision. Instead, convey your enthusiasm and willingness to provide any additional information if needed.

By following these do's and don'ts, you can leave a positive impression and demonstrate your professionalism even after the interview has ended.

Making the Most of Your Internship at Reed Smith

Congratulations! You secured the internship at Reed Smith. Now, it's time to make the most of this incredible opportunity. Follow these tips to maximize your experience:

Building a Strong Network During Your Internship

Networking is a crucial aspect of any legal career. Take the time to connect with professionals at Reed Smith, both within and outside of your assigned team. Attend firm events and seek opportunities to collaborate with individuals from different practice areas. These connections can prove invaluable in your future job search.

When attending firm events, make an effort to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Engage in meaningful conversations and show genuine interest in their work. Building a strong network is not just about exchanging business cards, but about cultivating relationships that can last beyond your internship.

Additionally, consider joining professional organizations or attending industry conferences. These platforms provide excellent opportunities to meet legal professionals from various backgrounds and expand your network even further.

Developing Essential Legal Skills

Use your internship at Reed Smith to enhance your legal skills. Seek feedback from your supervisors, ask for additional responsibilities, and actively seek learning opportunities. Attend training sessions, participate in pro bono projects, and immerse yourself in the firm's culture of continuous learning to develop into a well-rounded legal professional.

When seeking feedback, be open to constructive criticism and demonstrate a willingness to improve. Actively seek out mentors within the firm who can guide you in honing your legal skills. These mentors can provide valuable insights and advice based on their own experiences.

Furthermore, take advantage of the diverse range of practice areas at Reed Smith. If you have the opportunity to work on projects outside of your assigned team, seize it. This will not only broaden your legal knowledge but also showcase your versatility and adaptability as a professional.

Transitioning from Intern to Full-Time Employee

Internships at Reed Smith often serve as a stepping stone to future employment. Demonstrate your dedication, passion, and commitment throughout your internship, as this can pave the way for future job offers. Seek feedback on your performance and proactively communicate your career aspirations to increase your chances of being considered for a full-time position.

As you near the end of your internship, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your future prospects at Reed Smith. Express your interest in joining the firm as a full-time employee and inquire about any available opportunities. This proactive approach demonstrates your enthusiasm and commitment to the firm.

Additionally, take advantage of any networking events or social gatherings organized by Reed Smith. These informal settings provide an opportunity to connect with senior professionals and showcase your personality and professionalism outside of the office environment.

Remember, transitioning from intern to full-time employee requires more than just technical skills. Showcasing your ability to work well in a team, adapt to new challenges, and contribute to the firm's overall success will greatly increase your chances of securing a permanent position.

Overcoming Challenges During Your Internship

Internships can be demanding, but with the right strategies, you can overcome the challenges you may encounter.

Dealing with Workload and Stress

Working in a fast-paced environment can be stressful, but it's important to prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively. Seek support from your colleagues and supervisors when needed and adopt stress-relief techniques such as meditation or exercise to maintain your well-being.

Balancing Internship and Academic Responsibilities

As a student intern, you may be juggling your internship with academic commitments. Effective time management and organization skills are essential to maintaining a healthy balance. Communicate with your supervisors and professors to manage your workload effectively.

Seeking Support and Guidance When Needed

If you find yourself facing challenges during your internship, don't hesitate to seek support and guidance from the Reed Smith team. They are committed to your success and are there to assist you every step of the way.


Securing an internship at Reed Smith is a significant achievement in your legal career. By understanding the importance of internships, preparing a strong application, navigating the interview process, making the most of your internship experience, and overcoming challenges, you can position yourself for success. Stay focused, be proactive, and seize every opportunity to learn and grow at Reed Smith. Best of luck on your journey to securing an internship at this prestigious firm!

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