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Huzzle Highlights Q2 2024

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Holly Stocker

As we approach the end of Q2, it’s time to pause and reflect on our journey in early careers since the beginning of 2024. At Huzzle, our vision to enhance the entry-level job market by connecting student societies to employers continues to bear fruit, transforming the way companies connect with the brightest young talents. Here’s a glimpse of the milestones we've achieved and what lies ahead. 

🎓Unprecedented Growth in Our Network 

Since the start of 2024, the Huzzle community has been steadily growing. With over 85,000 talented students and more than 700 student society partners across the UK, US and EU, our expansion not only broadens the pool from which companies can source top-tier talent, but also enriches the diversity and quality of candidates available. 

🎉Huzzle Launch Event 

At our flagship launch event we connected over 400 society presidents and members with leading employers, making it the biggest UK student society summit ever! The launch not only facilitated meaningful conversations between students and employers but also opened doors for numerous career opportunities. We were thrilled to hear the positive feedback from society presidents, members and employers alike. We believe in the power of direct engagement in building professional relationships! 💼✨

Looking forward, we are beginning our series of twice yearly Summits. Get in touch to be the first involved with opportunities for employer engagement and sponsorship!

📘Thought Leadership and Insight 

We proudly published a comprehensive white paper on diversity within student societies, shedding light on crucial trends and promoting a more inclusive hiring landscape. We are committed to providing sector-defining insight to our clients, helping you understand the student market and implement your recruitment strategies effectively.

Read the Whitepaper

Looking Ahead: Summer 2024 and Beyond 

As we move into the summer, we at Huzzle are excited to announce improvements in diversity targeting within our platform.

🤝Improved Candidate Targeting

We have made targeting the groups most relevant to your hiring needs even easier. Our new Society Insights Tool allows you to obtain detailed breakdowns about members of student societies, so you can allocate your resources more effectively. Our commitment to developing a multifaceted workforce is stronger than ever, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.

📈Expanded Society Network

Our expanded society outreach team is working hard to reach our next target of 1,000 societies on Huzzle. As we grow, your targeting and outreach gets more effective. We are committed to helping you connect to the best early careers talent.

📱Unparalleled Gen Z Engagement

Moreover, we are providing fresh ways of engaging with potential hires through increased collaboration with early careers influencers on social media. By maximizing Gen Z visibility, we connect brands with the digital-native generation in authentic and impactful ways. 

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

Choosing Huzzle means more than just filling positions. It means becoming part of a movement towards efficient, impactful hiring that values diversity and direct engagement. 🎓🎈

As we continue to innovate and expand, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of hiring—making it smarter, more inclusive, and aligned with the evolving expectations of the job market.

Together, let's make 2024 a landmark year for building teams that are not only skilled but also diverse and vibrant.Thank you for trusting Huzzle as your partner in navigating the ever-changing landscape of early careers recruitment. 🚀✨

 If Huzzle sounds like the right option for your next hire, you can find out more here.

Holly Stocker
Working to allow everyone access to a career they love and deserve. Passionate about start-ups, tech and diversity and inclusion.
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