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Huzzle is the only Early Careers Platform embedded into Societies

Huzzle is used by over 600 Student Organisations across Europe. Here's what you can do:

Students engaged in Societies are rated 18% more career-ready by Employers.

^ Findings of a peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of College Student Development. Source

The Anatomy of Huzzle's Userbase:


Talents on Huzzle


Job Applications go through Huzzle daily


Female Talents


Interested in STEM / Tech

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A powerful platform to manage Talent across the whole funnel

✓ Attract ✓ Access analytics from every stage of the funnel ✓ Find and re-engage with promising candidates

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Analyze your success

View how students are engaging with you and your opportunities

Access 3X more hirable talent

Students who are members of a society are rated 3X more hireable

Year-Round Engagement through the power of talent communities

Engage with your target audience year around to bind them to your employers brand

Frequently asked questions

Most things you need to know:
How much does it cost?

Please book a demo for pricing details.

How's Huzzle different to other platforms?

Huzzle is an early careers network connecting students, student organisations, and companies. On Huzzle you reach the most ambitous. Talents involved in Student Organisations / Societies are 18% more career ready and 3X more hireable. You can target talent in a more meaningful way by going via student organisations and authentically place your EVP.

How can I engage with Student Societies on Huzzle?

Search, filter, and reach out! As of now, there are 700+ active Student Societies on Huzzle. Once you're onboard, you can access more information about them, and message them to set up events or promote your roles. You're also able to view upcomig events posted by societies to jump in and participate!

How do I create a company account on Huzzle?

Simply click on "Get Started" on this website or contact us at, and we will reach out to you to set up your account.

Do you have any Case Studies?

Yes! To request more case studies, please email us at:, or just mention it during our call.

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